8.8 rear end on a 2.3L???

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  1. Yes, 7.5" and 8.8" axles are swappable. As long as they both are 28 spline.

    Yes there is a 7.5" t-lock rebuild kit... the 8.8" ford part # is:

    8.8 T-Lock rebuild kit M-4700-B
    Includes: Clutch Pack, Shims, Friction modifier and instruction kit. Fits all 8.8 T-lock Differentials
    T-lock Rebuild kit M-4700-B $44.95

    I'm not sure about the 7.5" part # but any ford dealer should be able to order one up for you. It should be about the same price. If you get the part # from Ford... and it costs an arm and a leg... go to www.speedconcepts.net and send them an email saying yer "ka0tyk's" buddy from stangnet... the guy who owns the shop is in my mustang club. VERY nice guy.
  2. I didnt know any of the 7.5" were T-Lok. Im sure my 1993 isnt T-lok. So if I get the rebuild kit, it wouldnt be possible to rebuild it since it wasnt there, right?
  3. mustang 7.5" rear ends dont have t-lock... however the carrier can be removed and the LSD installed. Since all 2.3 and v6 mustangs came with 7.5" rear ends, FRPP created a 7.5" t-lock just for us without the need to swap out the whole rear end...

    T-lock for 7.5 rear end M-4204-C75 $168.95
  4. There are 7.5 T-Locks in a bunch of other cars though, Aerostars, Bronco's, Rangers, T-Bird's, Cougar's. I believe they were an option on some 2.3 Mustang's as well, but I would not bother looking there for one.
  5. wouldn't want to keep the 7.5, it's all wore the hell out and theres like 10 degrees more or less play in the driveshaft... step on gas CLUNK let off gas CLUNK drop into 2nd, open throttle wide, pop clutch, SMASH :D

    besides, the real reason I am thinking of installing the trac-lok is because the car in question has pony rims on it, and I want the rims, but I don't want those junkyard dudes trying to bust the wheels off with antitheft lugs on em, so I am just gonna buy the whole damn thing and stick it under there. :p

  6. Thanks Man!!! I figured as much but it tough to get the right info.
  7. If your car clunks when you hit the gas, or let the clutch out to shift, it might just be u-joints. does it shake, and make noise when you cruise? If you race the car tho, it could be anything, and prolly more then one thing.
    Install the rearend before you do the motor swap/buildup. When i build a nice car, i try to start from the bottom up, that way you dont break things and spend more money. Breaks, then suspension, then rear end, then motor and tranny, and lastly paint.

    I personally would go with the 8.8 rear, with 4.10 gears, trac-lok and 31 spline axles. The 4.10's only because the local track is 1/8th mile. If you try to launch with slicks and stock axles, and you get the car to hook, your going to be getting towed home.