8.8 Rear End Spider Gear Shim Spining? Any Idea Why

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  1. Hey Guys, so i have a question.. i picked up a 8.8 rear end yesterday that has 3.55 gears, and i noticed the driver side rotor was crazy worn, so i removed the pumpkin cover and one of the spider gear shims was not seating correctly, had spin and bent the tabs also it had caused the spider gear to lock. any idea how this could happen? can i just replaced the damaged shim and be done with it, or is it more critical then this?
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  2. While i don't know what caused your issue, if you are going to dig into the rear end and mess with shims, i'd consider rebuilding the entire thing.
    Done right a rear will last a long time, if you just fix the shim you will probably be doing it again soon after.
  3. 5000 rpm launches with drag slicks on an improperly installed set of gears
  4. Your rotor was "crazy" worn like how?
  5. Sounds like it needs to come all the way apart and get setup correctly this time. My 3 cents...