8.8 Rearend Swap

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  1. Im getting ready to look around for an 8.8 Rearend from a GT. Im assuming that I would need a rearend from the same year bodystle as mine, 94-98. My question is, is there anything else that I'll need besides the rearend itself?
  2. the rearend is the same frlom 94-04. the 99-04 rearends are about 1.5" longer so you'll have a more flush look on your wheels, but it still has the same bolt set up. You shouldn't need anything other than the rearend assembly, pretty straight forward swap.
  3. yeah im in the middle of the swap now. You dont need anything else besides the axle itself. All the mounting points/brakes/brake lines are the same unless you get the 8.8 from a cobra.
  4. Are you putting in the quad shocks as well?
  5. Ok, Ive been reading around and it seems to be a fairly simple swap. I'll probably go with a 99+ rear for the lower miles since that'll work too. Do you mean that by 1.5 inches longer my wheels will sit farther out in the wheel well? Na I dont think that Im going to fool with the quadshocks no real need for them. And am I gonna hafta get a chip to correct for the gears?
  6. U have the 94-98 so all u need is a speedo gear as long as the gears aren't above a 3.73.
  7. If it were me, the quad shocks would be a great addition along with the 8.8 rear. All you'd have to do is get the mounting brackets welded in, and that's not that much money at all. Besides, with the quads, it will help in reducing the rear unit from rolling during launch. Just my opinion tho.
  8. I bought my 8.8 T-Lok off e-bay for $225 complete. Spent another $260 for a master overhaul kit and 3.73 FRPP gears, then onther $100 for the labor of rebulding the rear end. And presto. A fresh rebuilt 8.8.
    By the way, while you have yours out, you might as well put new brakes and brake lines while your at it. Safety never hurt anybody :)
  9. Well might consider the quad shocks. Just depends on what rearend I end up with. Im most likely gonna get the rearend rebuilt and some 3.73's put in. Hows the stock locker in the 8.8's? I was thinking about getting a better locker as well. :D
  10. The stock locker is okay as long as you get lucky. That is the problem with buying a used unit. You never know how hard the guy before you drove it. You can get a new one from say Detroit locker or Eaton for about $210 new.
  11. 7.5 to 8.8 swap

    ok, i got a used 8.8 off ebay an did the basic rebuild on it. but, when i got the new 8.8 it didnt have the brake brackets. are the 7.5 and 8.8 brackets the same, or do i need to find new ones?
  12. Brakes are the same between the GT and V6
  13. Will an 87-88 GT posi rear fit in an 01 stang???
  14. Yes it will fit, but it's not ideal. It's narrower than your rear and had drum brakes. You can swap your V6 brakes on, but you'll need to find a set of 94-98 axles to use.

    Your rear wheels will be WAY sucked in. You'll need 2" spacers

    You want a 99-04 8.8 rear
  15. Put the quad shocks on...you don't need to weld anything...they bolt right on, and you will notice a difference..

    You may want to put on the upper and lower control arms at the same time....they are a BEAR to put on!!! If the axle is off...have those upgraded too...

    I did all that...went form the 7.5 to the 8.8...huge difference...
  16. is the 8.8 a rear end that will go in easily on a 67 stang??
  17. What 98stangv8 said is correct.To be exact,the 8.8's have the quad mounts allready welded on.V6's dont.The other end of the quad bolts to a bracket on the frame.If you look at the frame behind the rear wheel on the inside,you'll see the 2 bolt holes needed for the quad mount.
  18. ouch!! I just noticed I replied to someone that posted this 4 years ago....BANG! DUHHH