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  1. how much does a general rebuild for an 8.8" rear axle cost?? my rearend is leaking out the front of the pumpkin at the pinion bearing, and clunks like crazy even at low speeeds. all i have to do is let off the gas a little bit and it clunks, the tranny is shaking as a result of this too. i've heard the noise for a while now but didn't think it was major, but now it's noticeably leaking on the ground, needless to say i've stopped driving it. what would my best action be here, full rebuild, or could i get away with just doing the pinion bearing or what???
  2. Full rebuild including new gears would be about 6 -700
    Full reuild without gears would be able 4 - 500

    My rearend with buying new gears was 650
  3. All new bearings, races, pinion seal, shims, axle bearings & seals in a "super master" rebuild kit is somewhere in the neighbor hood of $125. Trac-Lok rebuild kit $80. Gear oil $30. Chances are you probably need a rear seal in your tranny now too $15. Then the labor that can be anything from $125 to $250. If you don't have gears in your car now would be the time to do so and just add another $150 plus $10 more for the speedo gear.
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    thanks for the figures, seems about right to me. i do have gears and that is what worries me, i hope they are not bad because a new ring and pinion is about $170-$200. good idea about the rear seal on the tranny i will ask about that, thanks. i was told about 300 for labor, that was just a guestimate. can't you buy a new one for $700 or $800???
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    finally got the car back from the shop. i like to do things myself but i don't have the tools to do a rearend. come to find out a carrier bearing was bad, ruined the whole rearend. might explain why it was leaking fluid and sounded like a train on tracks when i went down the road. fyi for anyone looking to get a new frpp rearend from ford they are back ordered through ford. no one can order them now. i had to call six places before i found one. i got lucky and Mustangs Unlimited had one on the shelf, it was $782 but $180 to ship it, turned out to be almost a 1g to get it to the shop. oh well i bought it and i drove it quite a bit today and the car rocks now, no noises and i'm making a trip back to the dyno to see how much it affected my numbers. if anyone has anything to add feel free to chime in.
  6. Summitracing has them in stock too. $782 plus shipping.
    Ford Racing M-4006-B373 - Ford Racing 8.8 in. Traction-Lok Rear Axle Assemblies

    Jegs has them for $782 plus $119 shipping.
    Ford Racing M-4006-B373 - Ford Racing 8.8 Rear Ends - 8.8'' Traction-Lock Rear End <li>1978-98 Ford Cars <li>3.73 Ratio <br>

    You gotta let your keyboard work for you dude. It coulda saved you $60 bucks right there.
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    called jegs, 50resto, brothers performance, summit, the local mustang guy who is a dealer, probably called six or seven places before i found the one at Mustangs Unlimited. the car was chillin at the shop so i didn't want to wait too long, if i could have got one from my local guy who is a dealer it would have saved me the freight of $180 but ford has them on back order, and i definately do some research before i buy something, i check numerous places to compair prices, of course if i could have got it from jegs their freight is only $119 but they didn't have any, and neither did any of the other places. for sh**s and giggles go and call some places and find out if you can get one, my point was it's not an easy task right now, because there is a national backorder from Ford directly.
  8. Yep that stuff is drop-shipped from the manufacturer. Summit and places may show them as in stock online but they are not. They do alot of big ticket items this way.
  9. i paid 850 for my rebuild with gears, plus I paid 150 for track lock... what kind of shop are you guys using because I went to a special fox shop and they even had a special going for 220 0ff the total so it would've been more.
  10. Thats an eight year old thread,