Drivetrain 8.8 Swap

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  1. wanting to know if anyone has done an 8.8 swap. i want the 8.8 axle with posi and disc set-up. i've got fox and sn95 rear ends to choose from.
    i see there is a difference so far as drive yokes and spring perches.
    8.8 diff are going to be around forever and offer the discs brakes as stock, and parts are easy to find.
    i cant see this very mild 289 needing a 9 in especially when fitting a disc set-up is the main goal.
    has anyone done a sucessful 8.8 transplant and is there a yoke out there for this mod. if not i suppose i could always use the flange fitting from the fox.
  2. I had a fox in my car and before I got it running I was given an sn95. The axles and brakes are the only difference. The sn95 is also 1.5" longer overall. I ran mine for about 3 years with street tires, slicks and drag radials with out trouble running high 6's in the eighth. 94-04 wheels work without spacers or 15x8, 5.5" bs. Fox stuff is nearly identical to stock 67-70 length. I have an F150 8.8 in it now with 9" ends, Explorer brakes and 35 spline axles. I am still running the flange and like it. I never liked the strap on u-joints. 8.8s are tough, easy to find, easy gear changes and cheap. I had less than $200 in my sn95 and about $1100 in my F150.

    SN95 on the right

    Boxed perches

    Ready to go
  3. thanx for the info, i've got a couple of fox and sn-95 to choose frome, so i think the sn-95 is the way to go. the car has discs on the front now, so i reckon that 4 wheel disc and posi is the way to go. when you used the sn-95 did you have any issues with the parking brakes?
    that F150 axle looks like it's built to destroy the pavement!