$8,999.99 Dealer markup!!!

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  1. Ford of Bellevue (Washington)

    Black, vert, V6, Auto and Red, vert, V6, Auto...

    Both have Dealer Markup second sticker of $8,999.99!

    Get them while they are hot. :notnice:


  2. Hah... maybe they're saving them as display models, and the markup is to discourage people from buying them.

    Well, that's the effect, anyways.
  3. Damn man.. I thought you were going to say Future Ford or Folsom Lake Ford in Northern California... LOL.....

    Typical in this area; however, $4,000 for the V-6, $8,000 for the GT.....

  4. I cannot believe Future Fords mark up. I picked my GT up at Senator Ford a month ago it was the last one at the time. I got it for 29k. I went back to get a touch up a few days later and a couple of the salesmen told me about the mark ups at other places. I called out to Future Ford and sure enough a GT that is not even fully equipped was 34k. I think it people wait a little longer they will be back to normal prices.
  5. If someone is willing to pay a $9k markup for a V6 they have deep self-esteem and acceptance issues and need to seek therapy immediately! :rlaugh:
  6. Someone will buy you watch.
  7. $41.5k for a Mustang GT vert? Ouch! I hope for that price it comes with some novacaine to spread on your backside after the reaming is complete. :rlaugh:
  8. Harrold Ford in Sacramento sells at MSRP, if they have any left... they might be sold out for MY05.

    I had an internet quote from Folsom Lake for $1K over MSRP for a GT coupe, but maybe they've increased their markup since then (was about 5 weeks ago).

    Suburban/Future: gotta be kidding me... too bad the salesman was a nice guy but there was no way to do business with him. $10K markup "negotiable" ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

    I don't think someone who will pay the markup has psychological issues... just more money than me and that's just fine. Let them have what they want for what they're willing to pay. God bless America!
  9. Ah, if that were only true. I don't think we should assume that someone who pays the markup can actually afford the markup. Take a look at consumer debt in the USA. It has absolutley ballooned in the last 20 years. Here in SoCal, I know a lot of people who have taken equity out of their homes to buy cars, boats, planes, etc. When, not if, interest rates rise and home prices decrease, many of those people are going to be upside down and some will lose their homes because they bought things they could seemingly afford. It happened here in the early 1990s when interest rates were rising.

    Bottom line, except for houses, if you have to finance it you really can't afford it, IMHO. :D
  10. Agree 100%. Stick with the 30 year (or 15 year) fixed rate on houses, and pay cash for eveything else.
  11. Disagree 100%. Just because you finance doesn't mean you can't afford it! :)

    Actually I don't disagree 100%. Taking a variable HELOC to buy toys is quite stupid.

    But generally I think you should borrow all the money you can get your hands on at today's rates. Part with as little cash as you can get away with - never buy points or pay more down than you must. Don't be afraid of negative equity in your car. Invest your cash in low cost index funds - don't squander it on downpayments or pre-paid interest on low rate loans (below 7%).

    Pay 5% on your car, earn 9% on your funds, and have lots of cash on hand for a rainy day. You can't earn interest on cash that FORD has in the bank! You can't pay a couple month's emergency expenses with cash that FORD has in the bank. This is a great big "duh" that lots of people don't get.

    Oh yeah, if you subscribe to this philosophy, it doesn't hurt to buy GAP coverage :)

    gosh, I feel like EXCON here... yikes. Better get off the soapbox before I fall and hurt myself.
  12. See now I am a believer in the Warren Buffet and Alan Greenspan world of economics myself. However, after a finding myself alone in the credit world again after a 4.5 year stay-at-home mom tour of duty. I was screwed. I had a 810 credit score (It's now around 780 after my purse was stolen in 10/03)... but, I found that I couldn't get a loan because I supposedly did not know how to handle my money. HUH? I had bought my 03 GT with cash and the 03 Mitsubishi with cash. I have always lived well below my means (no more than 66 and 2/3 of my disposible income)...So, this time around I opted for the loan. and EEEKKKKKK it hurts to have a car payment......

    As for the house... I staunchly believe that although it is a tax dedutible interest, home equity should only be used for retirement, reverse mortgages, health issues and if you really love your kids and they are responsible and good...college assistance...but with the advent of the Educational IRAs and Roths.... It is really not necessary.

    It really sucked and pissed me off to be rejected for a loan and then to pull my credit score and credit reports to find a 780 credit score with over $475,000 in homes loans and revolving lines of credit and 2 car loans with the ex-husband....in 5 years.. ALL PAID IN FULL - NEVER LATE..... But, when I called I was told by the underwriter(s) that it was because I did not have enough "open revolving and private property loans"...... So....we are living in a credit driven society and that just plainly SUCKS..... :notnice:

    As for the price of cars.... People up here in Rocklin and Granite Bay, California have more money than they know what to do with. So to drop $40,000 on a GT is nothin'.... They buy (lease) Mercedes M classes and AMGs like they are a Toyota...but I think most people live beyond their means to keep the all importatn pretenses up..... "Keepin' up with the Jonses".... Sad...actually it is really sad....

  13. agree 100%.... sad
  14. Crack doesn't smoke itself
  15. You missed a key phrase in my comment..."if you HAVE TO finance it you can't afford it.". If you have the cash and you choose to take low interest financing so you can invest the money elsewhere to get a higher return that's understandable. There are PLENTY of people buying these cars who don't have the liquidity to pay cash and MUST finance the balance. These are the people that I'm saying really can't afford the car.

    I use credit to my advantage too. I bought a '03 Mountaineer AWD for 0% APR for 36 months with rebates because my FICO was good enought to get those terms. That little "OAC" phrase is the bane of most people. A very small percentage of buyers (<10%) actually qualify for the best loan terms.

    There are people who used HELOCs and other consumer credit instruments to finance internet stock investments. Needless to say, those people are not in a pretty financial picture today!
  16. Where are you getting 9%?
  17. Ariel and Ariel Appreciation are two awesome funds that have outperformed the S&P over almost every timeframe. I could go on and on but I'm not a pro at investment advice... I'm speaking in generalization. Fair enough for you to call me on it - I can't spell out a foolproof way to make 9% but it's what I figure I'll make.

    Anyway, it's not what they've done, it's what they're gonna do. I bet Vanguard Index 500 does 9%/yr the next 5 years. Heck, I bet Ford does well better than 9%/yr the next 5 years.

    But all investments are risks.... for sure.
  18. Both have Dealer Markup second sticker of $8,999.99!

    Ford..using Pirates to sell our products.
  19. Boy, after the investor warning speech by Bill Ford yesterday, I would not be all that sure. :rolleyes: