#8 cylinder misfire

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by jaidedeye, Jun 7, 2004.

  1. this is post is for my buddy who has a 2000 gt.

    saturday night he was going down the highway he was doing about 60 in 5th gear and dropped it down into 3rd and stomped on it. he redlined it in 3rd and when he went to shift into 4th the engine popped and the rear wheels locked up......he pulled it out of gear and put it into 5th.the tranny seemed fine but..........the engine started missing really bad ...he finally gets it home and puts his superchip tuner on it to check codes...the code comes up as "number 8 cylinder mis-fire. so we pull the coil and pull the spark plug in #8 cyl. the plugs was burnt to hell....all the other plugs were nice and clean....well the next day he changes all his plugs...starts it up and it is still missing, we swap the nuber 8 coil with another and still missing. you can smell gas out the exhaust a little. do you guys have any idea what could be the problem before we go yanking a head off his car? personally i think he detonated and maybe bent a valve or broke a spring retainer but the motor isnt knocking........what ya think???
  2. Rear wheels locked? Doesn't sound good. Maybe threw the timing off is why it is missing. My guess is if he bent a rod or cracked a valve you would hear it and not just have a miss. I'm just guessing though. Don't hold me too this.
  3. i think the over-rev is what caused the lock up in the tranny. the tranny seems fine now......its getting fuel and spark....hmmmmm
  4. try doing a compression and leakdown test. that will help with the diagnosis.
  5. ok...hes gonna do that