Electrical #8 fuse power draw


New Member
Feb 12, 2020
Anyone have any recommendations of what to check first for a power draw on #8 fuse on a 94 Mustang gt. It's for the radio / entry lights / keyless entry, and power mirrors. When I plug in the fuse I hear a click in the rear where the anti theft module is. The car doesn't have a radio and the power mirrors work fine. The dome light doesn't come on when I open either door and I haven't figured out if it's a sticky latch or what. I'm just not sure how to test the circuit passed the fuse if anyone has any ideas. I don't think it's any of the entry lights because they definitely aren't on but it could be a short in the wiring for them.

Also not sure if I can just unhook the keyless entry because I don't have any key fobs for it.
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