8 inch traction lock rear

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  1. I want to put traction lock into my 8 inch rear, I'm running a small block with a few performance upgrades, but nothing with high HP. Does anyone know of the cheapest way to do this?
  2. I took my 8 inch rear to a 4 wheel drive shop and they installed a 355 posi for $1100.
  3. Hi,
    Investigate PowerTrax. It's a DIY deal.
    BTW, I bought a drop-in TSD w/3.25 gears from Currie for $900, but that was a few years ago.
    Good Luck!
  4. Troll ebay and craigslist - I bought an 8" traction-lock chunk, with a 355 gear for $450.
  5. I'll add, I looked through this and two other forum classifies and stumbled upon a 8" 3.55, I'm running now for $350. It's an older Equa-Lok but has been rebuilt. So, they are there.
    Good Luck!
  6. If anyone happens to see one for sale in the classified, please let me know.
  7. You should be able to look around locally and find something, I would think. If you like doing some things yourself you could buy a used chunk for cheap from a junkyard and a rebuild kit and set it up yourself. There are a few specialty tools, but rebuilding a center section and Trac-loc is something most people can handle, IMO. I bought a CD from Bad Shoe Productions, bought the tools I needed and then found a used chunk locally for $100. Currie is a great source for parts and they are CHEAP. I should say good value. :) I think I have less than $300 total in mine including tools and parts. Plus it was fun to do. Probably took me 8-10 hours being excessively careful and taking it apart and putting back together a couple times trying to minimize runout, etc. I would do it again.
  8. $1100 seems a lot. Did you provide the parts or did they?
  9. That's high unless they also installed it.

    If you can R&R your own differential, you should be able to get it converted to limited slip with gears of your choice for $600-$800.
  10. I put about $1100.00 into my 8" rebuild also. For it, I got a Detroit differential, new seals and bearings, and a Motive Gear 3.25:1 ring and pinion set.
  11. If you look around of ebay, you can find some people that rebuild diff's. I bought a complete 3rd member, with quality parts, 3.80 trac loc gears, warranty, for about $850.00. It's been a little while, and he isn't doing it anymore, but there are some others.
  12. fwiw .... I'm running a Detroit True-Trac and a 3.55 R&P set in the 8" .... just love this setup with a T5 .... the True-Trac works well for modest to robust engines .... and there is no "clunking" during turns .....
  13. tj is da man,
    There are a bunch of guys doing 8 inch rears for a few bucks less, but using cheap parts, tj (linked above) is an old guy who's been doing it all his life and does superb work and excellent warranty/customer service. His price foe an 8" just went up from $800, recently, and he used to pay shipping and $65-$75 for your old chunk in his crate, maybe he still does.
  14. I just got a 3.40 trac -loc from TJ on ebay also. SUPER fast shipping and very easy to deal with. He shippd mine the same day! He's selling the extra strong 4 spider versions too. I was very pleased.
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  15. Yep. Great vendor. My buddy and I both bought a center section from TJ. Period correct case for my restoration and detailed well. Glad you found him.