Fox 8 Pin Connector Loose Under Dash

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  1. Hey all, I was looking under the dash to test my cruise control amp and I found a loose connector and I do not see anywhere for it to go. It is a 1990 5.0l coupe M/T. The wires are Grey/Yellow, Black/Yellow, Pink/Blue, Blue, Black, Orange/Blue, Orange/ Black, and Yellow/Red. Trying to get everything back to how it should be. Mickey Mouse is alive and well haha. 20140623_145927.jpg 20140623_145915.jpg 20140623_145927.jpg
  2. im pretty sure that goes to your cruise control, lol. there should be a box looking thing mounted around there somewhere.
  3. The cruise control amp has both connectors plugged in. I cant seem to find these wires on the wiring diagrams.