8 second street fox body [vid inside]

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  1. i like! nice job
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  3. Specs on said car?

    I like also!
  4. Powerglide wouldn't be very streetable for my taste, but that car hauls!
  5. If you go to our website and go under past projects, you'll notice a whole article write up on this car and two other awesome Fords. Just look for the heading about Job Spetter Jr and its under that page.

    Thanks for the comments
  6. I expected a street video of this street foxbody with a glide in it...cry. Still cool though.
  7. Hey Nick, get on turbomustangs.com , they need you over there.
  8. I posted it over there.... I'll keep an eye on that board :)
  9. Wow....that is absolutely awesome. A glide on the street, meh. But wow, that's impressive.
  10. It's at the shop getting a chute right now lol.
  11. awesome... thats why i want to boost
  12. Awesome. That thing is dialed in, that was one of the straightest 8 sec passes I've ever seen. Beautiful car too.
  13. holy crap......nice