80 mm mass air sensor and chip

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  1. I have a 80 mm mass air sensor and computer chip bought from Powertrain Dynamics in California that has been used for a little over a year but still in great shape. It is calibrated for 24 lb injectors and made to fit 5.0 liter mustangs with mass air.
    I have the spec sheet for it from Powertrain Dynamics also. Asking $150 obo for both. E mail me at [email protected] if interested. :nice:


  2. can it be calibrated for 30# injectors
  3. Yes,It can be reprogrammed for 30# injectors.
  4. it can be switched to any size injectors? that chip thing does that? does it plug into the stock computer?
  5. It can be reburned to any size injector by the chip. It does plug into the stock EEC IV computer too.
  6. What r the specs on the chip what was it tuned for
  7. send me your e mail address to [email protected] and I will return one with the calibration sheets.
  8. Here are the 2 spec sheets I filled out for my car. Was able to upload them to a reply thread.

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  9. so you sent them that and they made the chip to match those mods?

    I have that same 80mm maf on my car, do you know what car they originally came on?
  10. Yes, I filled out the calibration sheet and they said the chip/mass air was calibrated to it. The mass air is origionally from a Lincoln Mark VIII from what they told me.
  11. $150 shipped!!!
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