800hp 408w Injector Help


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Jul 16, 2016
So I've been spending the last few months building my motor and all that's really left is injectors. Motors a 408ci Windsor base motor. All forged internals, Arp2000 rod bolts, with all other arp bolts or studs. Trick flow twisted wedge 11r 205cc heads, and full trick flow intake and On3 76mm turbo. For fuel I've got an Aeromotive a1000 with all braided fuel lines and bbk high flow fuel rails and e85. Car will make around 800 to the motor when at track and usually stay around 700 on street. I've looked around a lot and have been told to use the id1000 injectors. I've also heard people have problems with using high impedance injectors past around 60lb injectors. So my question is what injectors people would recommend. Spending 1000$ on injectors seems a little crazy so if there's and cheaper options I might be open to it, however if id1000 are best option then that's what I'll go with. Car is a 99% street car so I want injectors that can work well on street. Any info is appreciated, thanks.
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Apr 6, 2011
Hillsborough county
80lb injectors will feed that motor albeit close to 80% duty cycle on e85....
You don't need 1k in injectors but you do need a set that has been tested and flowed within 1% of each other. Do not cheap out in this area.