802 RWHP 2V

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  1. let me be the first to say wow and congrats
  2. Damn son..I bet that thing is crazy to drive..
  3. Taking it to the track Saturday. Last time I drove it at the track it had 426 rwhp.:D
  4. Sweet hope u have a willie bar lol!!
  5. Come back alive dude :D Those are awesome numbers; what have you done to the suspension / backend?
  6. Oh wow...:hail2:

    How big of a shot of giggle juice are you running?
  7. Up front Q1 k-member with tublar A-arms, Strange 10 way adjustable shocks all the way around, 3:73 gears, 31 spline axles, Eaton carrier, D&D Viper spec 6-speed. Bogart D-10; 15x3.5 in front and 15x10 in rear. Mickey Thompson ET Street for the tires.
  8. That is nucking futs! Have someone film it when you run .. if you have a camera. :nice:
  9. WOW, those are some nice numbers! It seems like everything that comes out of Modular PowerHouse has tons of hp. When it comes time to have a motor done I will be going to see Tim.
  10. I wanna see E/T #s
  11. NICE numbers.. but moving to talk.
  12. Sweet. :nice:

    And let me be the 1st to say that I miss my KB just a bit.
  13. what size injectors are you using
  14. :jaw: :jaw:

    Awesome numbers. Any other plans in the near future? I couldnt even imagine what 800 HP and TQ feels like.:eek: :eek:
  15. That's why Tim can't get to my ride.....:D

    Congrats on the numbers and good luck at the track!! It should really move out!
  16. Dammmmmmmmmmmmmmmn :jaw:
  17. great run, now go some supra's what 800rwhp is really suppose to do.
  18. Damn you make so much power you need TWO trannies!

    Viper spec 6-speed Trans.

    Viper 6-speed