Expired 812rwhp 92 Ford Mustang GT, 347cid, D1R Procharger, Tremec 6spd. 15k obo

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Sep 27, 2006
Peoria, AZ
812 rwhp, 92 Ford Mustang GT, 347cid, D1R Procharger, Tremec 6spd, 140k on car, about 2k since build. I have dyno sheet and video for 683rwhp, but not for 812rwhp after supercharger upgrade, intercooler upgrade, and spraybar addition.
FMS R302 Block
CHP Track Dominator 347 Stroker w/ forged Crank,
H-Beam Rods, 8.5:1 Pistons, internal balancing
Romac Harmonic Balancer
McLeod Aluminum Flywheel
Centerforce Dual Friction Clutch
Lunati 51012 Camshaft
FMS 1.7:1 Roller Rockers
TFS Pushrods
Crane Lifters
TFS Twisted Wedge Heads
Coast High Performance Polished EFI Super Spyder
Ported and Polished by Extrude Hone
90mm Accufab Throttle Body
Pro-M MAF Meter and Calibrator
MSD 50lb Injectors
Aeromotive Jumbo Rails, Regulator and Fuel Pump
½” Fuel Line Conversion
MSD Distributor
MSD 6A Box
FMS Valve Covers
Nitrous Express N-Ter Cooler Chiller’
Perma-Cool Oil Cooler and Electric Fan
TurboXS H-RFL Blow off Valve
Torque Master Coil and Spark Plugs
Nology Hotwires
March Aluminum Pulleys
Flex-a-Lite Dual Electric Fans
BBK 1 ¾” Long Tube Headers
BBK 2 ½” Off Road H-Pipe
MAC 3” Cat Back Exhaust w/Chrome Tips
Borg Warner T-56 Six Speed Transmission
Aluminum Driveshaft
Drive shaft Safety Loop
3.73:1 Gears
Saleen Rear End Girdle
5 Lug Conversion
Baer 13” Front Rotors, Crossdrilled, Slotted, Zinc Washed
Baer 12” Rear Rotors, Crossdrilled, Slotted, Zinc Washed
Energy Suspension Motor Mounts
Energy Suspension Transmission Mount and Crossmember Mount
Procharger D1R Supercharger with 12-rib belt
w/ 3.70” S/C Pulley @ 17 psi (Manifold)
Procharger 3 Core Sheetmetal Intercooler
Renegade bracket setup
Moroso 7-Quart Oil Pan
Saleen Spoiler
LX taillights
Centerline Saber Wheels 17x8 & 17x9.5 rear
Cervin’s Stormin Norman Hood
BBK Strut Tower Grace
Suspension Techniques Front & Rear Sway Bar
Racecraft Springs
Koni Adjustable Struts
Racecraft Shocks
Racecraft Quad Shocks
Racecraft Shock Tower Brace
BBK Upper Control Arms
South Side Machine Lower Lift Bars
Energy Suspension Bushings
Racecraft Aluminum Offset Rack Bushings
Racecraft Subframe Connectors
Flaming River manual rack & pinion
Maximum Motorsports 6 point Roll Bar w/ Swing-Out Door Bars
Flofit Seats
9 Autometer Gauges
Grant Steering Wheel
Pro 5.0 Shifter
Hurst Shifter Plate
Aluminum Window Switches from UPR
Aluminum A/C Knobs from UPR
Aluminum Ashtray Switch Panel from UPR
Aluminum Door Handles and Bezels from UPR
Auto Custom floormats w/ Running Horse
Alpine 3339 Equalizer
Accelevision Motorized 7” Flip Up Monitor
and DVD Player
Linear Power 5002 Amplifier
Precision Power Amplifier
Zeus 12” Subwoofer
Alpine 5”x7” Separates
Pioneer 6.5” Separates
Polk Audio Tweeters
Streetwires Power Kit, Wires & Distribution Block
Moroso Battery Box and Optima Battery
Sullivan Racing Aluminum Shift Knob
Lonza Aluminum Pedal Covers
The Bad
·Paint could use touchup in spots
·Front bumper cover should be replaced to look better
·Rear tint peeling
·Needs crankcase evacuation system
·Rear tires are getting hard
·For better drivability computer should be flash tuned
·Having issues with head unit for stereo/tv
Car has about $100k put into it between parts and labor. Priced for quick sale $15k. Call/text Adam @ (623) 341-3843 Located in Peoria, AZ
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