816 RWHP 2007 Shelby GT500 VMP 2.3L TVS

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  1. I finally popped one of my new VMP TVS blowers onto my personal 2007 Red/Silver GT500 and got it on my Dynojet 224xLC. I wanted to swap on a new 15% OD Innovators West lower but did not have time.

    My car has a VMP TVS with 2.5" upper, CNC port matched VMP high-flow inlet elbow, VMP 72 TB, 123mm maf, 80lb injectors, 1 7/8 Dynatech LTs, and comp stage 2 cams. Bottom end and heads are stock. I'm running C16 but only going to 24deg on the timing.

    We're having some coolish Florida weather this week but nothing like the 50* days from a few weeks ago.

    I was expecting over 800, just not this far over 800.



    The little 2.3L TVS keeps on going and going to 6500RPM with no sign of HP or boost drop off. My car is down 2-3psi at high RPM due to the cams, you can see it peaks around 21psi in the mid range and drops off to 18psi up top. I'm not making all this power with brute force and boost like some of the big blowers, but rather airflow and efficiency. When we did the cam swap for the December issue of MM&FF the car picked up around 40rwhp peak when compared to similar conditions. I would expect a car with the VMP TVS and similar mods to mine (lower, TB, LTs, race gas) except the cams to still make high side of 700RWHP.

    This graph shows downstream air temp during a loaded dyno pull, there is not more than a 10deg spread.


    I can't wait to install the 15% OD lower.

    I ran the FRPP TVS for 3 years before having my own TVS manufactured. I'm mainly showing the below graph to demonstrate that the TVS keeps on going when pullied for more more boost (VMP TVS exclusively has 2.5 pulley, FRPP TVS is limited to a 2.6 pulley). The main point is the shape of the graph (it's higher at all points, even above 6k), not necessarily the difference since the FRPP TVS run was done back in the summer when it was very hot.

  2. lol, that's a lot of power! Great job, never would have though there was that much power to be had from the 2.3 TVS.
  3. good Horsepower :nice:
    I have a question (2007 Shelby GT500 )
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