Engine 82 Mustang Gt With A 79 5.0

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  1. I bought my mustang from some red neck guy that bought the car for cheap and drive it into the ground and beat the :poo: out of it. I'm trying to go thru it and fix it up and eventually make it my daily driver. Right now I'm having the problem with the carburetor. It needs rebuilt and I'm looking around on jcwitney and rock auto and they're both offering me totally different option depending on if I say I have a 72 5.0 or a 82 5.0 or if I say I have a 82GT. If anyone could help guid me on what to buy to rebuild it I would really appreciate it.
  2. buy a summit 600cfm carb and call it a day. for $279 you cant beat it and works great
  3. The 1979 302 has a factory 2bbl carb.

    The later GT's had a 4bbl. That is why they show a difference. If you have a 4bbl manifold, a vac. secondary 600 cfm carb will do nicely.
  4. What carb do you have on it now? Both the 79 5.0 and the 82 GT had a Motorcraft 2150 two barrel. The 82 may have been a bit larger, iirc. The 2150 Motorcraft 2100 or 2150 is one of the best carbs ever. Very easy to clean and rebuild.

    83 Gts went to a Holley four barrel, but with some original smog limiter caps on the idle screws, etc. It can easily be upgraded.

    If you are going new, a Holley 80457 four barrel would be a good choice. I have them on both 5.0's, or an Eddy 1406. I have not used the Summit carb noted above, but it should also be a good choice.