83 Stang 351 Conversion

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  1. I have a 1983 mustang gt t-tops it currently has no drivetrain. I'm putting a 1995 351w lighting motor in it and I'm wondering what kinda numbers I'm gunna be seeing with afr 185s, bigger cam, performance intake and carb? And a stock bottom end!! Please help
  2. It's been converted to a 93 and has 10point rollcage, big frame ties, coil over in front, Lakewood drag shocks, drag bag, and don't forget the 6in outlaw hood ;) image.jpg image.jpg

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  3. One thing is for sure... you'll have plenty of room for intake/carb.
    Purty color.

    The short block should be plenty strong for what you are doing.
    Good choice in heads too I'm sure.
    If the short block is still stock, but in good shape, I would just make sure to replace the oil pump and timing set.
    Just for cheap insurance while you have the engine out and those parts are accessable.

    What tranny are you going to run?
  4. I'm liking this. Except I would take the 7.5 emblem off, it's not a 460 lol. And that will be a pretty potent car. I'd love to have an early 80's 4 eye car and put a nicely built 351 in it. It'd be a fun little street runner
  5. Bought the car as a roller guy had a punched out 460. Car went 9.80s on spray. I wanna make 400 at the wheels. Am I dreaming with a stock bottom end? And no spray
  6. Holy hood Batman! AFR 185s may be a bit small for 400 at the tire, depending on the rest of the combo. Should be fun, nonetheless.
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  7. Those short blocks are far stronger than the 5.0 little brother.
    I saw a post one time that it took almost 800 hp to split a 351w block.
    The guy ran for years at x-amount of boost from his turbo, then decided to upgrade to more turbo, and finally split the block.
  8. I think you'll have to worry more about the tranny than the short block at 400 rwhp (roughly 500 fwhp).
  9. Did the PO space the K-member?
    I heard some 460 Fox guys saying the swap is easier with the K-member spaced from the unibody.
    If so, you might have to remove the spacers to get a Windsor based engine to fit right again.
  10. Took the big block tubular k member and put a stock k member back in it!