Build Thread '83 T-top Coupe - A Couple Questions

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  1. Ok, got the engine out of the way, let's take a look at that right frame rail.....I don't think my screwdriver is supposed to fit here!
    Here's one without the screwdriver so you can see it's not an on purpose hole.
    This one is looking through that hole under the shock tower, it's not devastatingly bad, but I might as well replace the whole right frame rail. I will put that hole back in the frame rail below the shock tower.
    Here's that trans crossmember rot I mentioned earlier.
    I dropped the gas tank too. Nice sized dent there on the right rear of the tank. The PO had to feel that one!
    Here's a look at the poor little engine and trans waiting it's new home. image.jpg
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  2. I will be taking Scuby to the shop hopefully next week to put him on the frame machine.

    I will buy three or four cans of Gunk and give him another bath before he makes it to the shop.

    When I was taking the gas tank off, the impact wrench vibrated the frame so much that dirt was falling out of every crack, crevice and hole of the vehicle! I felt like I was back in the desert with an haboob on my butt! I couldn't see for a few seconds.

    You know what? There are a lot of parts that make up a fox body mustang! :eek: Lol.

    I'll be taking the bumpers (the metal part)to the sandblasters as well.

    I will wait on welding in the new radiator support, obviously with needing the frame rail. Plus I'll be smoothing the eb, so.......lots of stuff to buy.
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  3. Ever since @tannerc91gt and his tubular front end, I've been thinking non stop about that.

    I think I'll just use a tubular lower radiator support though. I think it would be too difficult to make the whole thing look nice.
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  4. It's ok your ct is pretty safe
    Or is it?:chin
  5. Damn, that gas tank took a hit! Surprised it didnt puncture, actually.

    I feel ya on the dirt falling. Mine did that when I first started on it. My rear bumper (actual metal bumper) was filled full of gravel. I'm actually surprised my car isnt more rotten than it is.

    PS, that storage unit owner is going to love you...
  6. Aaaahhhh, the sweet sounds of a project mushrooming out of control! :eek::jester:
  7. If you're going to do the right frame rail ya might as well do the left one too. Or you'll be haunted by nightmares of rust creeping out and destroying a freshly smoothed engine bay.
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  8. Entire car will be tube chassis before long. No more rust.
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  9. You guys are funny! No really......
  10. Oh that happened as soon as my wife bought my son his ‘09 mustang.

    I’m guessing three years on this build. Looooooong term build.

    Just to clarify, three MORE years. Lol
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  11. Plenty of time for a tube front end, irs, coil overs,T56-or what ever variation you have planned :D
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  13. I see you did some editing back there.
    And thats no mini starter
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  14. Where's the other engine? I've been out of touch a week and thought you'd have a pictorial on removing it by now!
  15. I’ve been trying to get it Drew.

    The yard owner hasn’t spent much time up there lately.

    I had one chance last week but then I had to work late.

    He says he’ll be out there this coming week though. I’ll be sure to work feverishly on it if he’s there.

    My main goal is to have it in my garage before cold weather comes in.
  16. What's cold weather to you?
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  17. Lol, probably not the same thing you think of Mike!

    The cold isn't a terrible problem beyond the stiffness of my fingers when I'm removing the various fasteners.

    It's the wet and cold I can live without. The T-bird is way back in the weeds and the idea of trying to pull things in mid thirties weather while it's wet and muddy doesn't appeal to me at all.
  18. I've been looking into Magnum Powers a bit. They're supercharger specialist.

    Steve @a91what had mentioned their MPx sc case earlier in this thread.

    In the middle of January I should have quite a bit of money (for me at least) opening up for me to buy some nice things. Since this will be perfectly in the dead middle of the sc engine rebuild I'm thinking of buying quite a bit of stuff.

    The heads will cost $1400 ish, but the sc will probably be the big amount. I'm seeing $2500-$3000 for the purchases on it. Not to mention the $3000 or so for the transmission. The positive light to this is that after I've done the drivetrain over the winter, everything else will be relatively cheap.

    What I've got right now are just a couple information questions.

    For you that know, what do you think of Magnum Powers? They really are the only game in town for sc replacement parts for my engine.

    Since the TKO500 and TKO600 are very similar in price, beyond torque capabilities, is there a benefit to getting the 600 over the 500?