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  1. Says the guy that lives in the south o_O
  2. You have a great start on a stand up comedy career with that scenario. I guess it's all about the car brand and how good the internal mic/voice recognition system is.
    My wife talks to text directly into her phone (w/o going through Siri) As a result of that, she sends some of the most nonsensical text messages that you'd imagine. At least w/ Siri, she repeats back the stupid sht before it gets sent.
    The cars I demonstrate that feature in.... *cough* BMW....... seem to repeat back my text command 95% accurately every time I demonstrate it. (And I demonstrate it daily)
    C'mon Joe,....It was more about not having to remove your gloves to use the technology,...not whether or not the steering wheel is frozen.;)

    While not the great white north, It gets cold down here,...we just had a week long stretch of 18 degree nights....The humidity here makes a 35 degree day piercingly cold....I've lived in Denver for 6 years (no humidity) and Omaha for another dozen or so after that....I can certainly appreciate a warm steering wheel as an option, and would certainly use it.
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  3. No car progress yet, just booze. Good booze though, really, really good booze.
  4. OHYEAHHHH. Tequila is my JAM!
  5. That silly bottle cost $515 with tax! I didn’t pay for it though, it was a gift.:banana:
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  6. put it on ebay for 250.00.
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  7. I dunno. It works pretty well in my Taurus. The text to talk feature works very well in that car and it usually gets my texts correct maybe 95% of the time? I use Siri and Sync Voice to pretty much do everything in the car without ever having to press a button...while sipping on my coffee enjoying my heated seats and heated steering wheel while verbally telling Sync to turn the temperature up one degree ;)

    Edit: yeah silly me missed the joke.
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  8. :lol:
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  9. THAT WAS FREAKING FUNNY!!! Laughed out loud at my desk here at the body shop. I should be working!:rlaugh:
  10. Mike, if I used Siri (which I never would because APPLE IS THE ANTICHRIST) or Google Now, how could I run someone else off the road while text the old fashioned way while I eat a bowl of cereal and drive with my knee and shave and read the newspaper (all things I have seen in Memphis)?
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  11. Is the camara like 2 inches from the tequila or is really the size of suitcase??? That would last me a while.
  12. What? No spaghetti tacos?
  13. About two feet actually, it's just i'm incredibly gifted photographically.
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  14. I would, but unfortunately once alcohol enters my house, it only leaves by one method (it ain't the mail either).
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  15. Since metrics have been deemed unconstitutional except for conversion back to prper US units, its ruined.

    750 Mls= Seven Fifty Milli Liters...It's got a foreign label on it

    Since its "spolied goods", it should be consumed in the safety of home with "discerning company".
  16. OK, Ansel Adams. Pictures or videos of shots of that liquid gold!
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  17. One doesn't do "shots" of this tequila when one is as poor as i am!

    More pictures though? Ok. This is after I gave my helper a flask full (8oz, $160), and shots to my buddies in the bodyshop. This left me roughly three ounces for myself, still, sixty bucks of booze. The local mexican restaraunt sells single shots of this for $100. So, by their standard I have $300 of alcohol here. Out in the garage so the spousal unit knows nothing. Of course it's on the hood of her Audi.:D
    My wife knows nothing of this. She would think it's great that I got this bottle and then want to pour some in orange juice. That would make me weep.

    Here's the last of it in a tumbler waiting for me to drink it. Notice the picture is in hiding in my pantry.
    When drank with a little salt I noticed how spectacular of a tequila it is. During the second stage of aging the tequila, it's placed in bordeaux wine barrels, you can really taste that.

    By the time you read this, the tequila will be disposed of. That's the last one i'll have until I win the lottery.
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  18. I should begin preparing now for the eventual conclusion of this project.



    It looks great Dave! :nice: You and Patron did an awesome job.
  19. I remember seeing that car on the news, that was after one of those big F5’s went through and the guy for kicks tried starting it after the storm and it ran!
  20. Ok, I'm about to get back after the car again, about a week or so and I'll be ordering all sorts of parts.

    The engine is being put on hold till late summer/fall because of new parts soon to be available.

    I'll be ordering the following stuff this month, feel free to give your opinions of what I'm planning.

    - Full floor pan with the seat crossmember
    - Full length sfc's from MM. I was thinking about doing through the floor ones for a bit after seeing @Hoytster 's stunning set he put in.
    - Stifflers ladder bracing with jacking rails
    - MM front end kit, k-member plus all the shenanigans, Thoughts on the shocks? I like Bilstein.
    -Wildrides lower torque boxes. I can't decide if i want to go with a torque arm or not though, I could just get Wildrides upper box as well and use upper ca's. The '83 didn't have the quad shocks so I'm thinking the torque arm assembly may be the way to go.
    - I'm probably getting the MM panhard bar as well.
    - Tubular lower radiator support, I think Team Z makes these. @90sickfox ?
    - Smoothed inner fender panels, might as well do that while I put in the new frame rail, radiator support and such. I like Scott Rod panels as y'all might remember from Doby. I'm starting to like the stock looking ones now too though. I'm not sure which way I'll lean there.

    After putting in all that crap I will strip/blast the body, repair it and paint it.

    I got a feeling this will take up most of this year, I'll just have to see how long it takes.