Build Thread '83 T-top Coupe - Well, That’s Ugly!

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  1. I did my initial blocking this morning with 180. I couldn't be more pleased with how the bondo turned out. It's a straight door now! Woohoo! IMG_3110.JPG
    One more blocking with 240 and reprimer today.
  2. Here it is in final primer. I love how straight I got around the door handle. IMG_3111.JPG IMG_3112.JPG
  3. I really like the color of that primer lol
    Door looks perfect dave
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  4. If the wheels are in good enough shape to polish, then I would polish them, and paint the holes trim color. I just assumed they werent in good enough shape, and painting them solid would be the easiest and best looking option. I understand why the others say not to do anything with them, but you get materials for free, and if you are out of projects then why not clean them up. You could probably turn your $50 investment into a $200+ sale later. There are people out there that love a nice set of 10 holes.
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  5. Also, the door looks great man. Always top notch work!
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  6. Ok, stupid question time that I'm pretty sure I know the answer to:

    You got through both the 180 and 240 on the same application of primer right? And your next layer will start around 320 and go to 400+?

    Just curious since I saw that tiny bit of bare steel on the corner there.
  7. First off, yes, 180 then 240. I will start with 320 with this second layer of primer. It should block fairly easy, I'm thinking after seeing the results of the first primer coat. I may jump to 500 then even 800. If I get to 800 without breaking through the primer, I won't use sealer for the final refinish.

    Second, a bare metal spot is only a problem when you have one somewhere down the panel from it that your block is bridging (meaning you have a low spot between them) or you have an outy that needs to be whacked down.
  8. Got it seam sealed. I used a heavy body seam sealer because of the curvature of the door. Flowable ss would have run right on down that door. IMG_3138.JPG IMG_3140.JPG IMG_3141.JPG IMG_3142.JPG
  9. On a custom, "sheltered" fair weather cruiser like I'd assume the blue car to be, why do you need to seam seal these areas? I get that the factory would've done this to ward off corrosion, but a factory build is intended to weather all kinds of adverse conditions.

    Are you planning to drive this car in the snow, on salted roads?
  10. It will literally be my daily driver. Regardless of the weather
  11. I'm doing something. One coat of base. IMG_3158.JPG
  12. With clear, I'll try to get one in the sun, it's partly cloudy today. IMG_3159.JPG


  13. Everyone always wants to see pictures of your work because it is just amazingly perfect. This car will look so good.
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  14. Thanks man, that's nice of you to say.

    Here's a couple in the sun. Tough to get sunlight today, it's mostly cloudy. At least y'all can see the blue that I think is so pretty. IMG_3165.JPG

  15. Something else today. I decided to try grey in the center of the wheel with a brushed look around the rim. I didn't paint the holes. I'm not sure how that'll look until it's done baking then I'll set it next to a nonpainted one for a comparison picture. I used a satin clear. It's just wet in the picture.

    So, masked and then painted IMG_3169.JPG IMG_3170.JPG
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  16. Next to another wheel. IMG_3171.JPG
    What do y'all think? Should I paint the holes dark grey as well?
    Picture with the sun lamp so you can see the grey. image.jpg
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  17. With the sun lamp on it-I really dig the grey-my only concern is-in the shade/overcast/night-it looks black..
    Have you done a side by side with your painted wheel and blue door? (Door looks Amazing :nice:.)
    I'd vote either paint them kona blue or polish the holes lol.
  18. I have heard that whacking down your outy can cause you to go blind. Better be careful.....
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  19. That would have been ct worthy

    Now about those wheels, I don't know but something is a little, well, wrong, somethong about the holes, can't put it in words,
    Maybe 'not thrilled'?
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  20. First, side view. image.jpg

    Then with the door, I think I like it. IMG_3172.JPG
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