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  1. Well, here goes. Maybe I've been reading too many of @madmike1157 's posts but I'm in the mood to custom modify something. I've been thinking about this for a while but am finally ready to pull the trigger. A while back I saw some pictures of a guy with an 85' that had green headlights and it got me to thinking.... Now, I want them. Before you all jump on me for being ghetto or what not, it would be strictly for use at the track and just to keep the different thing that I've got going on now going. This is a picture of the current front end of the car and the 4 glass headlights.
    The outer most bulbs are wired up and are working headlights. The inner bulbs is where I would like to have the green lights for blasting down the track at night time. I thinking about drilling a hole in the back of the lights and installing a green LED bulb. Maybe epoxy it in place? Then I got to thinking, and this is dangerous I know... Can I install a sealed beam bulb in the back of the other working headlights? Cut them open and epoxy a sealed beam bulb into them perhaps?

    This is when I got to Google and found these
    I'm not sure how I feel about them. My first reaction is that they look too new and fancy for my old looking car. All opinions are welcome as I'm not sure what exactly I'm going to end up with at this point.

    @Diode Dynamics do you have any input or offer something that I could use? If you think I've just lost my mind, feel free to just say so!

    Thanks in advance everyone,

  2. Check out the retrofit source store I retrofitted my Tacoma headlights with some e46 projectors with a white halo, maybe you could do the same with a green halo or even as much as a green projector.
  3. You have a link Mike?
  4. Nick i went with a nice set of glass style bulbs and an HID kit for my wifes 89 Iroc...same lights so it should work for you then you can get different color HIDs...just an idea...
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  5. Oh and the lights look stock until you turn them on...that was a cool feature i wanted on her car...
  6. if you look at the blue iroc thats her actually both are hers..LOL...but those are the lights i used...

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  7. Ttop...

    Check out JCWhitney. I've seen colored lense replacements for the bulbs in 4 eyes. They may still have those.
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  8. I like the orignal look that i did and you can change the color of the HID bulb...to me looks way better...
  9. The projectors will utilize the same housing
  10. Yes i get that...but i like the stock look that has modern lighting not the jap look...sorry....
  11. He's trying to be different not stock I mean have you seen his paint job?
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  13. Yes i have but also can be done tastefully...not getto sorry if you cant see my point....
  14. I mean I don't see how it looks ghetto. Different strokes for different folks I feel doing what your saying is ghetto in my opinion
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  15. Tell me how stock looking lights are ghetto????????????????? with hid bulbs???????...thats not ghetto why take a nice car and put euro looking light on them to me its not nice looking not my car just my opinion.....thats like taking those euro tail lights and putting them on your mustang they look Horrible..
  16. @84Ttop What about a strobe kit for the lights? Like the cops have. All you do is drill a little hole at the back of the light fixture and pop em in. They have little grommets, a control box (speed of flashes), and little boot covers to change the color of the lights. Still stock-ish lights, no need for projectors, win win.
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  17. There's a way to tastefully way to do it .. I'm just messing with you man jeez haha
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  18. @84Ttop you could also use the vinyl that is a transparent laminate. Get a batch of a green you like and stick it to the headlights...