84 SVO: Any advantage to go with Mass Air Flow system instead Speed Density ?

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  1. All you really need to find is the ECU pinouts for an SVO and for an 87-88 TC, then it's a cakewalk from there...
  2. Can it be something like this :

    43 to 27
    25 to 43
    30 to 24
    35 to 33
    32 to 31

    and don't worry about adding wires to pin # 2,3,6,25,30,34,52,54,55 :shrug:

    The conversion I find includes different cars this is why the confusion.. :(
  3. If I move 25 to 43 but I'm not using a VAT ( Van Air Temperature ) is it ok ?
  4. Hopefully Caroth has the bandwidth for me to hotlink this breifly.

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  5. I already printed it earlier today... I did pretty good with my research ( including your help):nice:

    So basicly my only question is about the air charge temp. thing "ICT".
    I think I maybe able to make this work.I just need to clarify the above ICT thing and wait for the parts to show up.:hail2:
  6. Well then, you can see that the '84-85 SVO only has a "vane air temperature" sensor in the vane air meter while '87-88 T-Bird has that as well as an "intake air temp" sensor. That second sensor is located in the intake manifold in one of the runners. In order to maintain tune accuracy it needs to be located after the intercooler like the chart says. You could either weld a bung into the stock intake or get a whole upper/lower intake from an '87-88 Turbo Coupe. The 84-85 cylinder head needs a hole drilled an tapped in order to use the later "square" intake.
  7. Though you can just leave the act unplugged and it won't "hurt" anything...just doesn't use it's input for timing control.
  8. Good info guys.

    Thanks ! :)
  9. Update Aug 05 2007

    LA3 swap has been done but we received the wrong injectors , we got 30LBS instead 35Lbs so we have to wait a bit more to get the right one.

    The car is running but not as good as we thought it would , this can be caused by the injectors and ( or ) the ACT( Air charge temperature ) sensor that we haven't installed yet.

    So the question is :

    What are those sensors ? :

    This one is located just below the upper intake ( closer of the firewall ).

    What is it :shrug:


    And this one ? Knock sensors ... :scratch:


    Thanks for your help guys:nice:
  10. Top picture = knock sensor

    Bottom picture = coolant temperature sensor.
  11. Ok so I will guess it's ok to run without ACT for now , We'll swap the injectors again and if it doesn't run like we'd like too, we'll go back to stock.

    We're trying stuff here from what we read over the web .
    With stock ECU and stock injectors the car has more punch then this actual set up but doesn't cruise too good on the highway , it get's too lean...

    We'll see.
    If you guys have idea ou suggestions let us know.
    I'd like this thing to work if possible.

  12. off topic but how much did you pay for that intercooler is look so nice...:hail2:
  13. Not too sure but I think my friend bought it from a member here ( stingner performance ) . I may be wrong though... :shrug:
  14. He sure did.

    Of course it runs like crap right now, the 30lb injectors are the cause. It's getting ~ 15% less fuel than it should at all rpms. I'd stop driving it until the right injectors are installed. That's a good way to blow it up.
  15. The car is parked right now , we just test drove it the day I did the ECU swap.

    Can't wait to get the new injectors.

    My friend is a little bit depress right now since it's not working as good as he thought it would.

    How bad is it going to affect the performance if the ACT "Air Charge Temperature" sensor is not hook up right now.. anyone knows.. :shrug:
  16. Won't effect how it runs...I haven't had one in my SVO for years. It just uses a default value if it's not plugged in...eliminating ACT timing control.
  17. Perfect thanks...:nice: