84 SVO Clutch replacement

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  1. Hey there, been a lurker for a while, and figured I would register now that I need some advice on a new clutch for my SVO.

    the car has 60k miles on it, all using the stock clutch assembly, and I believe it now has hot spots on the fly wheel. Bout time something has broken, 60k is no walk in the park :rolleyes:

    I was looking at getting an F1 clutch kit from ebay, as it is quite cheap and *seems* to be alright. a little bit of internet searching has brought up some mixed results, but most were positive.


    Now, I am also interested in finding a more name brand clutch kit just as I want to make sure I dont have to take it out again and re-do it due to faulty parts...

    If anyone has any advice please post!

  2. I paid within $10 of that price for a clutch kit and new flywheel from the local parts house. I can't remember the brand name but for a stock replacement, in my opinion, anything more than quality "replacement" type parts are overkill and a waste of money. With the Spec stuff, and I hear they are top notch, you're looking at more than double what you have priced so far.

    My $.02.:nice:
  3. I guess it really comes down to budget and plans. When I did my clutch 4 years ago I put in a stock replacement with no intentions of modifying the car. I changed my mind last year and now that I have a list of mods I wish that I would have went with a clutch that handles torque better, now when I hit boost my clutch just slips so I have to keep the boost down until I upgrade. Just passing on my experience and regrets since I could have just spend an extra hundred 4 years ago and been good now.
  4. Excellent advice. My reply was based on what seems like a low mile, stock (and intended to be kept that way) SVO. If Wumpus has plans to push power past 350, definitely he should consider a stouter clutch.
  5. thanks for the advice guys. I do intend to keep the car pretty around 99% stock.
    Pretty much the only thing I am going to to do is trick the computer into letting me have 18-20 pounds of boost! :)

    The stinger clutches look real good and I think I might actually purchase one of those.
    Just not sure whether its worth an extra 90 bucks for the stage 2+ kit. (extra 30 bucks over the stage 2 for 65 more ft/lb capacity so why not?)
  6. That's the clutch kit I just put on my car. Got mine straight from Advance Auto though. I paid around $155 (with my F-I-L's discount) for that plus a new flywheel. It's smooth, quiet, easy to push and seems to perform just fine. Let us know how the install goes!:nice:

    Edit: Meant to tell you...if you're doing this yourself and are going to replace the pilot bearing...Rent, borrow, buy, or steal a pilot bearing removal tool. If you heed no other advice in your lifetime, listen to me now!