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  1. After a few month Hiatus I'm back....well kind of.

    So everything on my car was all buttoned up and we had just finished some testing with the new Vortech Xb110. With a 40t upper pulley and hardly any timing we saw well into the 1200 rwhp range. After a lot of dyno testing and datalogging we decided to attempt another trip to the track in hopes to make the Ohio True Street race over Labor day weekend. Last Tuesday night we packed up and headed over to Atco Raceway in South Jersey. Our first pass (with my buddy Kris driving) was an easy one. 1.8 60' just rolling into the throttle. The car put up 138mph to the 1/8th and kept pulling all the way to 8,000 rpm in both gears. He shut if off after hitting the rev limiter at about 1,000' and 170+ mph. When he went through the traps and applied the brakes, something wasn't quite right. The car took a hard turn into the wall just through the traps. Good news is he is ok. The car is fixable and will be going to get the frame pulled next weekend. The bad news is the deck on the pass cylinder head cracked and put water out under the tires causing the accident. He did a hell of a job driving this thing given what happened. The car is being fixed now and finding another cylinder head is probably going to be the biggest problem. Just figured I owed it to everyone here to give an update. This sport isn't always sunny days and just wanted to put some of the real world facts out there for everyone.



    crash1.jpg crash2.jpg crash3.jpg crash4.jpg
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  2. Ouch ! glad everyone is alright and hopefully you will have it back togetther quick!
  3. If you need a bumper pm me my friend may have one, hes in ridgefield park / hackensack
  4. Thanks, I have all of the body panels already. I'm waiting to hear back from a friend about a pair of a arms and struts. My body guy is pulling the frame next weekend and said he can fix the hood. I hope to have the car fixed in a few weeks (unpainted as my style goes :cool: ) The cylinder head is the one big hang up at this point.
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  5. damn dude sorry to hear that one!
  6. Ouch. Good luck getting it back together! Was wondering where you went!
  7. ouch! at least it's running hard! good luck on the repair!
  8. I said 'Jesus' the exact same time as the camera guy in the video. That car is a rocket when he got into it!
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  9. Oh MAN that sucks. At least you didn't have an expensive paint job on it, haha.

    I forget, what's the story on the cylinder heads? Why so hard to replace?

    This is truly a testament to how hard it is to make that kind of power. You don't just blow head gaskets, you shatter cylinder heads, haha!
  10. That is just NOT what I wanted to see when I opened this thread. :(

    On the positive side... 138 to the 1/8th!! :eek:

    Are you sure he didn't lift the head when he hit the limiter? Then the puked fluids sent him into the wall?
  11. I may try to buff the scrape out but no guarantee. You're right about the paint, no worries there, lol. The cylinder heads on this motor are 15° 7721 Victor castings. They are only available in bare castings and require thousands of dollars in work to duplicate. I should have better pics of the damage when we pull the heads off tomorrow. It is def. broken through the deck and headstuds, i'm guessing too much cylinder pressure?

    I don't think anyone wanted to see this, just harsh reality. Anymore it seems like all you see is the great stuff that goes on and never get the "real" side of things. Well, this is my reality, lol. I'm glad Kris is OK and we can fix the car, so no worries.

    138 to the 1/8th! I was pretty excited to see this too! He left so easy and there is so much more in this car I'm hoping we see 143-144 to the 1/8 once we get back out. I'm pretty sure this combo has 7's in it and I guess I'm updating the chassis over the winter, lol.

    I don't think the limiter had anything to do with the cylinder head cracking. We saw 30+ lbs of boost all the way down the track and I have seen (in my current research) other 7721 casting crack at that kind of boost pressure. Edelbrock has revised the casting on the 7721 if that's any indication?
  12. Ain't that the truth.
    So many delusional plans and builds on internet forums.
    Most that things don't work out for never come back.

    You built yours, now you broke it, lol.
    I appreciate the reality of it, more is learned from wrecking things than having them go right.

    Could it be easier to use a more readily available head?
    How about repaired? I know my buddy has had race heads repaired in the past from extreme damage, i'm pretty sure the guy was in north jersey.
  13. id think dissoma could do it... but as for finding a different head. depening on the machine work he has done. (angle milling port floors raised) and all that he may need to change the whole top end.

    if he's got the money id think he would take the time to do a canted valve head set up. but thats not very cheap also.
  14. The name that rings a bell with me is Dave Jack.
    Just please don't quote me on it, i hear alot of stuff thrown around about race car setups that is above my skill level, i tend to absorb more about street cars because that's my likes, don't own a race car, probably never will.
    If anything use the name as a start for research.
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  15. I'm with D. If they are prone to cracking, why not explore another option? I'd be scared of a repeat performance, both for the safety of the driver and wallet.
  16. sometimes even god says it's time for an aero nose
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  17. Ooooooooooooh. Oh. Oh man.

  18. There is no fixing this head, its broken clean through the deck. The pistons were custom for this head and because they have such a small chamber its hard to find a head that would work while keeping the compression the same.
  19. And here is the damage!!
    IMG_20130807_145739_620.jpg IMG_20130807_145904_204.jpg