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  1. Love the color.. Just curious though, what are your expectations on the life expectency of the vinyl wrap? I looked into them for business advertising purposes and was told they typically lasted 4-5 years.
  2. I have vinyl wrapped trucks for my bussiness that are 10 years old and still in decent shape. I would expect to replace the vinyl in 5-6 years or sooner if I want a new color scheme. The cost to do a typical car without a bunch of fancy options is around 3,000$. I was able to work out a great deal with the guy doing the work since he is wrapping 3 new work trucks for me at the same time.
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  3. Damn Nick that looks awesome. Too bad we wont recognize it now!
  4. Haha THANKS!!
    I have the same feeling. It's weird to not call it my white car anymore considering that it's green now.
  5. That wrap looks great! I'd love to watch them apply that!

    I hope it's not a 2/12 job.
  6. 2/12 job? It's a pretty neat process to watch them do it. It's a heat gun razor knife and a torch, lol. It looks absolutly stunning from up close. You can see a few small dings that are in the car under the wrap but I knew that going into it. I can't wait to pick it up on friday!
  7. The finished appearance sounds like paint, it's all in the prep. Looking forward to seeing pics of it finished!

    2/12, looks good 2 foot away after 12 beers..... you had to be there
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  8. Like that green :nice:
  9. I want a ride next time i come to Avalon!
  10. Me too! Me too! I wasn't sure I was going to like the color but after seeing Really cool!
  11. Consider it done!
  12. Thanks! I'm picking it up tomorrow!
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  13. Yes more pics!!
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  14. I was wondering what's the cleaning and care process for it ?
  15. Makes me wanna get my truck done so badly now.
  16. its tomorrow... wheres the pictures?
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  17. relax, lol I'm going around 3:00 to pick it up
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  18. I'll start all the way back here...( I was intrigued by the Vinyl wrap references so I backed up)

    Those would make for really, really stiff shocks. But since they are going to be used to keep the front end from pointing at the sun,......I get it.
    I know you've probably already said this, but how much weight does all tha S/C stuff add to the front of the engine?
    Yeah,.....where are the pics?

    This is one of the race cars I was referring to when I went on my trasher rant last month. (One of the "high end" race cars that is.)
    While I have to say, I'll never build another, I can appreciate a well done, purpose built race car when it just reeks of awesome like this one. The wrap?.......I'dve never thought that they could make something look good enough to compete w/ paint.
    But yours does.

    It looks really good, and the mechanicals?.....very well done, waay cool.

    For a race car,................:hide:
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  19. Tic toc, tic toc, ...I'm off today so I'm patiently wainting here
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