Build Thread 84ttop: I Suck At Updating This Thread...

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  1. @madmike1157
    Thank you for the kind words!
    As far as weight goes the blower/gear drive unit add about 45 lbs to the front of the car. I saved approx 20 lbs with the tube front end so it isn't that bad of a trade off. It also adds nose weight down low which I'm hoping will help greatly when it comes to setting this thing up to get off the line.
  2. Geez..... here they are!!! lol
  3. And ...vinyl is lighter than paint???
  4. Looks great Nick! Might still be able to see it at 150+!
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  5. [email protected] that green pops and I like the textured black on the cowl, good for you man :hitit:
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  6. Oh please lol. Its not like I'm buying titanium bolts...
  7. That looks great!! I partial to green anyway, but the overall combination really came out nice. She will definitely turn heads!
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  8. Oh hell yes! That looks killer. Color me very impressed. That really does pop!! Congrats on everything you've accomplished in such a short time. Great job!
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  9. I had my doubts, but that looks great. Right on, keep it going.
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  10. Yet
  11. looks great, and about 50 times quicker than waiting for a body shop lol. I really like what you did with the hood.
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  12. Sorry in advance for all the pictures. I"m getting excited that it's almost done done.
    Rear wing and parachute all mounted up and ready for action!
    IMG_20140213_152921156.jpg IMG_20140213_230528654.jpg IMG_20140213_230514561.jpg
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  13. Picture with all of the tubing completed. I forgot to post this earlier.
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  14. I kind of am just being a picture whore now..... apologies ahead of time.
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  15. Black Ford logo , hard to tell on my phone?
  16. Hey @84Ttop could you tell me what you used to attach the ford logo? I bought one but it had no hardware
  17. I wish it was a black one!!! it's the factory blue but it still looks good with the green!
    I used 3M double sided molding tape, works like a champ! It will pull the vinyl off before it falls off on its own.