Build Thread 84ttop: I Suck At Updating This Thread...

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  1. You actually have me laughing! Too funny!
  2. my guess is the Billet Xi and XB105 make within 50hp of each other.
    both of them over 1500hp
  3. First and hopefully only hiccup. The fn ignition coil melted the positive terminal out of it. He has another one there so its not a big deal but wtf lol. 195$ later lol
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  4. anxiously awaiting the numbers
  5. Me too can wait to see what she puts down....!!!!!
  6. Booooo ignition coil :nonono:
  7. HVC2? AKA the arc welder
  8. :pop: Waiting patiently.
  9. You know it!
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  10. Almost time to make some numbers... What will they be? Strapping it down tomorrow to see what we can squeeze out of this small block!
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  11. You gonna videotape the dyno runs for us to drool over?
  12. that wrap turned out really nice, lookin good
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  13. Of course!
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  14. im gunna say 1525 for the XI and 1575 for the XB105
  15. My guess... About 7x more than I make?! :confused:
  16. Better get some new side stripes ready. Those GT1350 aint cuttin it
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  17. No no keep em. It'll make it a "sleeper" that way. Lol
  18. Look out Farm Truck
  19. Sure hope not to dissapoint anyone geez.... High hopes in here
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