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  1. haha i just know what that blowers run out the back! lol
  2. Hp total for today..... Zero, zilch, noda, nothing, squat, nill, etc etc etc....
    Broken lash cup in #3 exhaust shaft rocker equals dead in the water waiting on lash adjusters. The rocker isn't damaged just broke the pushrod cup. Just warming the car up and it started ticking. No metal went in the motor and it's not a big deal to fix, just a little disappointing. Sorry to let everyone down. This is the unfortunate part of racing and the reality with some of these things.
    image.jpg image.jpg
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  3. Glad it wasn't more serious. Hurry up UPS!

  4. Well crap!! I got excited there for a moment...dyno tease. :rolleyes: Glad it wasn't something major. You've had enough bad luck.
  5. At lease it was minor. Now back to your regularly scheduled pron
  6. You have jesel right?
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  7. Ha
    Harland sharp, uses a 7/16 lash cap instead on the 3/8 like jesel. I have spare jesel stuff but no one stocks 7/16 lash adjusters. I just have to wait a day or two. They are sending me spare adjusters and rockers out at no cost.
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  8. Last time I ever build up a bunch of hype lol. Its all top secret from now
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  9. :cool:I was thinking, Id like to up my hp and tq to 300 something so while you're waiting can you carve a little off that block and ship it my way
  10. I'm confiscating your Doritos nick until you can properly get this thing to do a pull without something breaking ;) @84Ttop
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  11. Booooo rocker......:nonono:
  12. Now I'm double sad... Lol
    Consider it done! Lol
    That wasn't exactly what came out of my mouth when it happened... I've calmed down quite a bit over the last few hours. I'm just glad there is no one to blame for this. Just one of those things....
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  13. Sorry about the rocker.

    The car looks ****ing great. love the T top
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  14. Thanks! It will be fixed in short time and back in action!
  15. Just glad it's up Top and not below the 2nd deck where all the the hard working prisoners are :D
  16. Next post:

    Oh, btw, just laid down 1500 on the dyno... No biggie. <---- This is how I see it playing out.
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  17. I want to watch as it makes its first ever 7.90 pass!
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  18. well thats good.

    i was gunna say if it was jesel just drive over and get them! haha
  19. My guess is that if it was a Jesel piece, it would not have done that in the first place. Expecting 1500 HP and your using Harland Sharp?