Build Thread 84ttop: I Suck At Updating This Thread...

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  1. dude, I damn near found your twin

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  2. Wow... Low blow haha
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  3. holy s h I t . winning .
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  4. Mother. Effin. Pro. Mod. :eek:

    I only tease you 'cause I'm jealous! :hail:
  5. :grats: That is way to f'ing cool. I've seen some fast accelerating pulls but that thing is sick. I'm just amazed
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  6. Thank you everyone!
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  7. Woohoo go nick! A round of Doritos tacos for everyone @84Ttop @TOOLOW91
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  8. very very nice!!!
  9. Thanks! As soon as the Billet Xi comes in we will test that and the Cast wheel Xi that we already have on the shelf. Considering I have box stock ports on my TFS heads they are pretty impressive numbers!!!
  10. yea it is! she gone go 7's! haha you still bringing it to MIR for NMRA?
  11. You betcha!!!
  12. we should be there! letting that lil 347 RIP! 10K rpmFTW!
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  13. Woohoo!

    That XB110 looks like it eats little kids, keep them away from the front of your car!!! Awesome pulls, now I'm going to change my shorts! :jaw:
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  14. Wow! Absolutely awesome. I still trip out about the first time I broke the tires loose at sixty, but that is a whole different beast. I think it would ruin me to drive it. I'm shooting for about half that with the next 331, but you've corrupted me. Right on man!
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  15. Down right bad ass! Cant wait to see some track vids man. Your wrap turned out great, good choice of colors and layout.
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  16. :zzz:
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  17. Naaahhh just kidding.

    Very cool. Good on ya!
  18. Good lord man. You said its scary standing next to the car. Heck, I got scared when you hit it in the video!! :hail:
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  19. godamn that car wants to go!
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