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  1. The bottom end of the motor is untouched! The car goes to the frame shop Saturday morning to get the frame straightened and i'll update this with pictures from that once we are done. My buddy seems to thing we can pull it all back into shape in 4 or 5 hours on the frame rack. The windshield has be be cut back out of it and then the interior all comes back out. I've decided to tube the front of the car rather that put another stock rad support back into it. In order to do it right a lot has to come apart so that the tubing can be tied through the firewall correctly. At the end of the day the chassis will be much better than it every was, god forbid this ever happens again.
  2. did you see marcus's car after friday? i heard hes already got it back up at DMC...
  3. I had friends there that night when Marcus went into the wall around the 1/8. The pictures look a little worse that mine but still fixable from what I heard. I know that Dennis was supposed to get it, I didn't know it was up there already though.

    All of my car is 100% home built, other that the machine work on the engine of coarse. So it's up to me to fix it. Not in my budget to just drop it off somewhere, lol.
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  4. yea i didnt see it... marcus owns a body shop so im sure it will be back soon.
  5. Here is a better quality video of the crash in much more detail.


    Update. This Saturday the car went to my friends body shop to have the frame pulled back into shape. The pass side rail was over almost 3 inches and the drivers side rail was up a bit over an inch. The engine actually stopped the drivers side rail from moving over any farther. The frame is completely square now and I will be starting the tube front end on the car in the next week or so after I clean out my garage. I'll update my progress here.
    IMG_20130810_094119_121.jpg IMG_20130810_092307_776.jpg IMG_20130810_092534_501.jpg
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  6. Damn, that's brutal!
  7. definitely looks like whatever went wrong happened right when he hit the brakes.
  8. Could have been a lot worse had he been under power at that point
  9. how did the pull go ?

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  10. It's hard to hear but it hits the rev limiter somewhere between 1000 foot and the stripe, we figure this is from the head breaking and the water coming out getting the back tires wet. As soon as he hit the brakes.....boom. Could have been so much worse

    Everything pulled back into shape nicely. We squared the front and measured out the whole car. It's tied together pretty well and the only thing that moved was front of the fire wall. I'm hoping to start cutting the rad support out tonight and just have to go pick up more tubing to do the front end
  11. Very nice

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  12. Damn dude, just stumbled on this. Sorry to hear, but looks like you'll be back even stronger (eventually!)

    I assume its not you're video, the second one titled " 8 Second TURBO Mustang..."
  13. Thanks, the first video my buddy carmen was taking, I was the fat guy walking back from the line after staging the car, lol.
    The second video was some random spectator that obviously doesn't know the difference :doh:
  14. come on man, your car has more than enough power to haul your ass down the track, don't need no skinny kid :rlaugh:
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  15. Damn just stumbled on this...sorry to hear but glad all is well.

    I had a customer who had a set of 7721 he was selling they came off of Demayo old HS setup and were done by D.Busch not sure if he still has them or not. They were very nice done to the hilt. Oring intake ports, 61cc chamber I believe off top of my head.

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  16. So I may have splurged a little bit. I was on the fence about putting a race wing on the back of my car or not... I wound up getting a screaming deal on this hyperformance carbon fiber wing. Stay tuned for more goodies I have coming and pictures of the car as it gets put back together. Front end fab starts next weekend. IMG_20130823_173728_186.jpg IMG_20130823_173745_270.jpg
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  17. Good to hear it straightened out nicely!
  18. Parts are accumulating nicely, just wish I had more time to work on this thing. New cam from Bullet came in this morning, a tad bigger than the last one. (Thanks to Brian aka Freezy74 @ yellowbullet)