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  1. This car is batsh*t crazy.
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  2. And here is the video from our last track outing... First pass was the 8.21 and the second was the 8.12. Sorry my camera guy is totally inept at using the zoom function, lol @93TRANSAM

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  3. You've got a tail light out
  4. 16v system with an alternator tends to hate on my light bulbs, lol. (Charging it sees almost 19v)
    If that's all the ball breaking coming my way then I will certainly not get a sandy twatwaffle @srtthis
  5. Jesus Christ. will there be 110v outlets installed too for my devices before lift off LOL
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  6. what size pulleys do you run? we had to unhook the alternator on the turbo car it was seeing 21v

  7. We got a guy here that does LED replacement bulbs. Give him a shout and see if he has a permanent fix.
  8. Dont need no brake lights, at thst speed noone will see them anyhow
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  9. might be because he see's more street miles then we do but we've never had an issue with lights in the nitrous or the turbo car
  10. Its hard to go by just the pulley size on my alternator. The alt is driven by the blower hub on the output side of the gear drive. It has a 1.88 step up gear set in the drive right now and uses a cog belt to drive the alternator.
  11. Speaka da enlish mofo
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  12. Cog, isn't that a type of fish? ;)
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  13. The gear drive for the supercharger has a set of gears inside of it that spin the supercharger faster than the crankshaft spins. In my case 1.88 times faster than engine rpm (1.88 step up ratio). As you can see below the belt for the alternator is driven from the supercharger input shaft. Its a little confusing when you try to determine pulley size because you need to factor into the equation blower input shaft rpms instead of engine rpms.
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  14. All i see are tenticles
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  15. Here is my next question/dilemma..
    With a 28" rear tire and 3.70 gears I would have to spin my motor north of 8500rpms to get the car to MPH in the 180's for 1/4mile racing in True Street. I'm considering swapping in a set of 3.45 gears to alieviate this problem or switching back to a 30" rear tire. If I switch the tire size the ride height changes and I have to set the whole chassis up differently. If I change the gears I'm wondering it it will be enough of a change. 3.25 rear gears are also an option but I would worry about losing too much 1/8th mile MPH... Decisions decisions....
  16. You sir are a smart a$$ lol. I really tried hard to dumb it down enough for you ;)
  17. 1st off your fancy camera didnt have an obvious zoom in movie mode be happy you got what you did I usually have a tendency to shut it off after launch anyway lol

    2- Ill decode your lightbulb scenario - voltage is too high, cheap ass bulbs cant hang with it and we too lazy to do the math to tell you what the voltage is based on rpm and step up ratios etc... but datalogger [email protected] 17.9 volts at higher rpm when on dyno ;)

    3- I already told ya 3.25 gears AND 30" tire will get us better gas mileage and that stuff aint cheap! If slows down ET we need more boost and there is a xb110 sitting on my counter.....
  18. @84Ttop the man has spoken . seems this is what your fate is !

    @93TRANSAM check your pms I got you the tag off the blower when you get a chance
  19. Exactly the response I was expecting lmao!
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