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  1. haha... @Sharad can borrow the vortech then to get his in the 8's :)
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  2. My previous post was in reference to waiting for you to post. Must have loaded at the same time. Car is a beast!
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  3. Really need to work on that reaction time. JK, is it a sportsman tree or a Pro tree that is used?
  4. Thanks! All in all we had a great weekend for our first event with the car. It was good to see @srtthis @MikeH686 and @Sharad at the track this weekend. The second highlight reel features the food from the weekend. Derek shut the place down with these bacon wrapped onion rings..
    I cooked over 20lbs of chicken on the smoker. Needless to say we ate good! IMG_20140504_130659480.jpg
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  5. Its a pro tree, reaction time doesn't get factored in to true street hence the slowest lights ever lol
  6. :scratch: I know of a small Kenne Bell S/C that can do the same thing :shrug:
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  7. Can't forget breakfast... Eating off the rear wing, that thing is an awesome table! IMG_20140503_094452814.jpg
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  8. @srtthis them onion rings looked bangin when nick was cooking them
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  9. @srtthis you left before this happened... IMG_20140503_200629913.jpg
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  10. I'm hungry! Only 2 hrs to lunch but I want bacon...yummy bacon. Those look awesome.
  11. a bacon onion ring on a burger??? thats how you make an already epic food more epic!
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  12. i think i out did myself with them... ive been known to make some pretty epic foods. mainly because i wrap things in bacon
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  13. From what i have heard, if you redlight in true street, the pass doesnt count so that results in a DNF. There was a pretty big controversy about it at the bradenton race.
  14. god dam that is a great looking car!!!
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  15. This was hands down a mind blowing event!!
  16. Where's the PBR to wash the Bacon O'Ring Burger and Chicken wings down? No Whiskey? All that food leaves me parched bro!
  17. @84Ttop

    an idle surge in your car produces more HP than my entire engine, focker!
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