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  1. Lol there was Sam Adams and Blue Moon to wash it all down. (If I was buying the beer it would have been Miller lite. Let the hating begin lol)
  2. Lmfao
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  3. I must take credit for the bacon wrapped onion rings on my burger, how these fools didn't think of the glorious match is beyond me it was damn delicious! They don't count reaction time so no point in trying to jump and wind up on the bumper! Great time as usual #crawfish
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  4. Might as well just drink your own urine. It's cheaper.
  5. He didn't say Corona!

    PBR, Miller Lite, Bud light and other domestic lite beers are great when ice cold for those really hot days while BBQing and throwing horse shoes.

    I love craft beer (unfiltered, micro brew) but can get heavy on gut during those hot days after you have a couple so I drink those during the winter/spring/fall months.

    However, Wheeskey is my preferred beverage any day of the year! :drink:
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  6. Alright I thought Bowling Green was the first NMRA event out of state I should attend, rethinking this. MIR is next.
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  7. MIR is also a nicer track then BG...
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  8. BG is the nicest track within 3 hours of me. So I definitely shouldn't travel further out and find out it's a dump :D
  9. BG is the coolest track ive been to, as far as the atmosphere and whatnot, but when i was there the racing surface was nothing to write home about.
  10. Maybe that's the difference. I've yet to run there. I just go for the NMRA finals and LSfest. Caught the Pontiac nationals there a few years back as well. It's great for big events IMO
  11. I missed the bacon rings, but that chicken was friggen awesome!!!
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  12. It's been a while since this was updated, so here I go.

    After the last track outing and seeing 177 mph on the top end of the track we pulled the data logs and looked to see what we had. The tune up is still on the fat side and we have quite a bit of timing pulled out of the motor still. The rpms going through the traps were in excess of 8,650:eek:! I'm not cool with that idea, haha so a rear gear change is in order. When I initially put this car together it was going to run on 30" 315 drag radials. They are a thing of the past as far as I'm concerned and the 275 Pro radials is where the game is at. Going from a 30" to a 28" tire has a huge effect on gear ratio!! I will be swapping the 3.70 gears that are currently in the car over to a 3.50 gear. I was hoping to get my hands on a 3.45 gear but they seem to be forever back ordered and Richmand has been less than helpful. So here it is sitting in the garage being torn apart. Along with the gear swap I will also be changing the rear shocks to double adjustable units from AFCO. After this is all done it's back to the track to make a 7 second pass and then set the car up to run in X275 trim and hopefully squeak out some 4.8x's in the 1/8th mile. More updates to follow in the coming days...
    The undercarriage...
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  13. would be a good time to throw the menscers in also ;)
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  14. Nothin short of perfection here !
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  16. Hey T-Top...

    What hood pins are those that you're running? How are hardware pieces for rust? Ever left any of it out in the rain?
  17. As far as I remember they were from All Star Performance (I double checked... The AllStar pins don't seem to have black plates. The Jegs brand pins are exactly the same but with the black plates ) They are black anodized aluminum. The plates are anodized black as well. I used aluminum rivets to attached the plates to the hood. The snap pins are the only pieces that are not aluminum, I just wish they were black too. The car never really gets wet, I drove it once in the rain to prove a point to some naysayers but that's it. I hate hate hate rusty hood pins and when I found these it was like a dream come true, lol. I even ordered a set for my buddies Grand National and they have held up well there as well.
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  18. I've got a set of Mr. Gasket hood pins installed now. :nonono:

    They drink as much Mothers polish as the motor does, high octane pump gas.
  19. Have you seen aerocatch hood pins at all? I am putting a set on my car and they are really nice and look very clean. I will be getting the car back from paint and will post pictures of them when i get the car back.

  20. Are those the ones with the small handles that lay flat and out of the air-stream?

    If so, then yes I've seen those. I love the look of them too. I'm a little wary of making the cutouts necessary for the hood.