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  1. This is the same way I feel... I am by no means the guy you want cutting holes in body panels, I can't do any of that stuff to save my life! The aero catch hood pins are sharp looking though!
  2. Bad Mofo right here. I can't wait to see what that bad boy runs with the 3.50!
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  3. I popped the center section out last night and may have also popped a hole in my head... In a true @madmike1157 moment I whacked my head on the coil over bracket and didn't think much of it. A few minutes later, I thought I had gear oil in my hair. That turned out to be blood, and boy did I bleed like a stuffed pig lol. I'll swap the gears later today if I get a chance and get this thing back together!
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  4. :bang:Literally!! Lol
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  5. Those caps are beefy!
  6. It has assaulted you. Send it to me for disposition. o_O
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  7. I usually find myself cursing out the car everytime I smash my skull, burn my arms or generally maim myself.
    As if it's somehow the cars fault
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  8. I thought that's what you're supposed to do. :confused:
  9. I once knocked one of my front teeth out working on the Shocker when I dropped a huge 50mm cog drive pulley on my mouth, laying underneath the car. No pain no gain...
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  10. Sharad afterwards
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  11. Ouch, i dropped a 1/2" ratchet with like a foot of extensions right on my head once, sliced my eyebrow pretty good and hurt like a ****, just like 84ttop i didnt even know i was bleeding till i knew i was really bleeding haha.
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  12. relevant: I had a contractor run into my office spirting blood out of his hand he had sliced open an hour ago. Spent 10 minutes trying to get it to stop bleeding before giving up and sending him to the clinic. WTF! it's Friday, I don't need this!

    Carry on.
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  13. Lmao at all the war stories...
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  14. I've banged my head on just about every square inch of my car especially the dash when I had to rewire it
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  15. ^

    The dash has it out for us.
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  16. This one time at band camp....oh wait different kinda story:rolleyes: Gotta say I wish I had a $ back for every time I cussed a car.
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  17. That would make me a wealthy man! Lol
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  18. Since I am referenced as the ONE when it comes to cutting, scraping, crushing, poking or burning a part of your body while working on a car, I think I am well qualified to say that in 100% of all instances.....

    It was definitely the cars' fault.
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  19. Lmao Nick also is sporting a fakie after trying to kiss a large wrench, walked into the shop with this alfred e newman smile the one day straight out of west virginia! I have only been known to damage my fingers, or the remaining pieces of them while working on cars. I save the back and knee damage for logwalking with rims and tires instead of logs and getting drug on snowboards behind escalades.......mysteriously Nick was involved in all these activities.....
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