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  1. Wasn't an escalade that towed me on a snowboard (not as rich as you and nick) but I did get towed by a explorer and ate :poo: after I caught an edge on the side of my driveway haha
  2. I know nothing about anything that you speak of... All good times!!!
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  3. Page 6 revival
  4. Wow, nothing like digging up dinosaur! Lol

    There isn't much new going on with the car. We will be taking the car to the track this weekend to hopefully click off a few 7 second passes and a full report will follow.
    I've been having some back issues lately so Kris will be driving and I'll have camera duty
  5. How'd the car run at atco? I saw the car on their facebook page, it was looking good.
  6. A few new questions. What was the reasoning for choosing the CDs geardrive over the others? How cool does the engine stay on the street with the radiator mounted like that? Have you thought about going to the dark side and putting a turbo on? Who's elbow is that? Think it would clear stock hood 8.2 based? Just some things I am currently asking myself and your already doing it all so figured I could ask you! Thanks
  7. Well, Sunday was an interesting day....

    We loaded up the car and headed to Atco for some testing. The moment I pulled out of my driveway it started raining and rained the entire 40 minutes we drove to the track. I think this is the first time I've taken the car to the track in the rain lol. A few minutes after we arrived it cleared up and they dried the track. We wanted to get the car ready to run some local X275 events and were concentrating on getting the car to 60'. We 60'd the car 3 times yesterday in the 92 degree plus heat. Our first pass out was really soft and just wanted to verify the ramp retard pulled timing and the tune up was ok. After a few minor changes in the tune up we went back and were rewarded with a 1.28 60' and not even as much as the front tire trying to come off the ground. I was pretty happy about this given that this is the first time we have put any sort of power to the car while using the trans brake. Our third pass out the guy in front of us oiled down the lane so we waited a bit to have it cleaned up. We hazed the tires through the first 300' and only saw 100% throttle for 3 seconds. Even though it was spinning the tires it still went 1.31 60'. I want to make a few small adjustments to the rear shocks before we go back out and I think that will help do the trick. It's not easy getting the car to leave with that much power and boy is it a steep learning curve! After driving the car back to the pits and parking it, we cooled it down and wanted to make one more pass. After trying to start the car in the pits to pull back into the lanes we had nothing.... We popped the cap and the rotor wasn't turning. We pulled the distributer and the cam wasn't spinning, even though the cam gear on the jesel was turning. I can only guess that the 2 dowel pins in the front of the camshaft sheared off which is curious because we drove the car back after the last pass and all was normal. Look like I have plenty of work to do later this week to tear it apart and fix it back up! This is the name of the game and unfortunately things like this happen. I'm just glad they didn't happen at 9,000 rpms lol
    This was from the pits yesterday:
    This was taken by the track, That is Kris driving and yours truly on the other side of the car:
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  8. 1.) The reason for the CDS drive. Plain and simple, I think that the design is far superior to the SuperChargerStore. They include a lot of nice features that they other brand doesn't. The built in alternator mount was a huge plus! I also really like how they doweled the entire assembly together unlike the SCS. I met Chris Alston at PRI last year and he really worked closely with us to get everything spot on and that in it self goes a long way with me. If I had and questions he would call me personally to answer them and truly was a resource. I have friends that run the SCS drive and after seeing both in person the quality of the CDS is paramount. That being said, I haven't had any experience about the ATF drive and can't comment about it.

    2.) With the radiator mounted the way it is and with a 2,000cfm fan the car stays reasonable cool on the street. It actually stays cooler in traffic than cruising, I think due to the lack of air flow while at speed. After the 30 mile true street cruise in 85 degree weather the car would idle at the stop lights right around 200 and never exceeded 220 while driving. I have another identical radiator and fan that I can mount on the opposite side if I would like to double the cooling capacity. I just haven't found the need for that yet. For what it's worth, I have no thermostat and just use a 3/4" water restrictor currently.

    3.) Have I thought about a turbo... Not at all. Vortech has been nothing but the best to me and I would never consider not having one. They make a super reliable product that makes killer horse power. I have yet to see any brand turbo out last one of these Vortech units. Even under spinning my current setup we easily made 1,442 rwhp @28 psi. The efficiency from a centrifugal supercharger will far exceed most comparable turbos and a turbo just won't ever be for me :)

    4.) The elbow was made by Aaron from I gave him my specific requests and he quickly turned out an awesome product for a very reasonable price

    5.) This setup with my 9.5" deck motor will clear a stock hood in my car. I first had Holcombs drop mounts before the motorplate and we did successfully test fit a stock steel hood on my car with zero cutting!

    As your questions arise, please feel free to ask! I would be happy to help, even if I can save you even the smallest amount of hassle or aggravation.

  9. Sweet!

    Can I haz it? o_O
  10. :think:


    If you can push it to your house all by your self... then just maybe :eek:
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  11. @84Ttop used a water pump from a fire truck that they use for their fire hoses and used it to pump fuel on the Ttop :crazy:
  12. You guys crack me up lol. The noise you hear is a combination of the fuel pump and intercooler pump. The camera has the stabilizer turned on but its still a bit of a bumpy ride. I'm working on getting the exterior video up on YouTube
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  13. Is that the new wheels you had on there at Nmra where you shredded the tire off?
  14. From what I have read and heard the Alston drive is the best just like your saying but a lot of times nobody actually gives reasoning. Thanks for actually giving reasons! A remote water pump is required to run it though right? Wonder if a shroud and 3,000ish cfm fan would help much keeping it cool. Usually try to keep it 200 or under. Not many options though with a gear drive. Glad to hear it does stay reasonably cool mounted like that. Reason I ask about the turbo is so many people are bailing on blowers and I can't figure why. They do have to potential to make more power but everything about them is a pain in the ass. They do have their place though, my truck tows like a dream with one! Aaron makes some nice stuff, thats who I was going to call this winter when the a2w goes in. Figured thats who made it just wanted to be sure. I currently run a edelbrock elbow but its facing the passenger strut tower now and to fit under the stock hood needed to be one of the shortest ones they make so its certainly a bottle neck. Does your's have the divider in it or is it open? A few back to back dyno's have shown its a nice increase with it. Plus its gotta be easier to tune. What intercooler are you running? Been looking at the frozen boost ones and they sound great for the money from online readings and a few local guys. Pretty sure the a2a I am currently using is holding the car back big time, same for the 3" piping.

    Sorry to hear about the cam issue, sounds like you have my kind of luck. Think you will make any x275 races this year? Thought I would give it a shot this year but not going to happen. Next year for sure though.
  15. Exactly
  16. The fan that I have on it now was the highest capacity in a size that fit. There is no doubt that it would run cooler if there was a second fan and rad. The gear drive definitely needs a remote pump and mine is mounted out on the frame rail. I also needed to run a remote mount oil return pump since the xb105 oil drain sits lower than the oil pan. I used a holley red pump with the brass screen removed (as recommended by Andy Manson over a few beers at PRI last year). The way I look at it, a turbo belongs on my power stroke and that's it Hahaha. As far as an intercooler I have a PT2000 mounted under the pass side dash and use 4" tubing and a 105mm t/b. The frozen boost coolers I have used in a few other cars have worked well and I wouldn't hesitate to use one if I were you. The elbow does not have a divider in it. This may be why the center 4 cylinders run a little leaner. I believe we have around 10% less fuel in the corners to compensate.

    The cam issue shouldn't be a big deal. I'm pulling the motor out tomorrow night and will drop it off to the machine shop Wednesday. It should only be there a few days and I'll put it back together. Its already been 5.12 leaving easy off the foot brake. If I can get the car to 60' a little better I'm hoping to see 4.80s out of it. Unfortunately for me, Dean Maranis, Ron Rhodes and The Bruder Bros are all the local 275 crowd and click off 4.50s and make it look easy. I would be happy to make the show with my "street car" :)
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  17. we got it pretty :poo:ty here for sure! and thats a FACT!
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