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  1. tad bigger u huh
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  2. image.jpg image.jpg

    So I did a little work tonight. The front end of my car got the business from a sawzall and grinder. I will hopefully start the rebuild Friday and expect it to take two weeks or so of me putzing around in my spare time. I may be adding another fox to the driveway this weekend too...
  3. crash is getting a little brother, nice!
  4. I prefer "Ugly" or "Nerdstang" lol o_O But yes, this Saturday a 91 GT will be added to the fleet!
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  5. An aero car!?!? What the hell for? :p
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  6. gotta have one good looking car and one fast one LOL
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  7. I am anxiously awaiting to see how this turns out. Im still bummed I couldn't make mine work.
  8. I had a few hours this afternoon to work on the car. Made some decent progress for only having 2 hours to play in the garage IMG_20130911_132210_342.jpg IMG_20130911_135637_381.jpg IMG_20130911_135919_804.jpg IMG_20130911_140720_830.jpg IMG_20130911_143731_518.jpg IMG_20130911_143811_326.jpg
    I made some 1/4" plates to cap the frame rails. Welded them up then started to bend the tubing for the front hoop. I actually got this on my first try, no wasted tubing ( I impressed myself, lol). leveled squared and Tig welded in. Please don't mind the mess in the garage, ever since getting that other car I don't have enough room to store all of my parts. Next up is tubing to tie from the cage out to the new front hoop. Now I just need more time...
  9. ^^^ look above :)
  10. Sheeeiiiit son! Almost looks like you know what you are doing! ;)
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  11. Im digging this one so far!
  12. I'm making an effort ;). I really want to get it all back together for a race on black Friday.
  13. @Noobz347 Think you could please change this to a progress thread? I want to keep putting the updates in here as I rebuild the car. Thanks!
  14. Way cool. Looking forward to this! Good luck. Hope you get it done for the race!
  15. A little progress over the last few days, still struggling to find the time to get any real work done though. We made some prototype brackets to hold the carbon fiber wing for the back of the car. I think I like the one with the slots better than the one with the holes. Any opinions? IMG_20131001_195210_077.jpg IMG_20131001_195247_963.jpg
  16. slots definitely
  17. ****s... i mean slots
  18. Flat spot on the tire much? I didn't realize how bad they were until I dismounted them today...I can't believe we didn't roll this thing over! IMG_20131004_150304524.jpg
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  19. Eh ... it will round back out
  20. had they been slicks it would have...

    im a firm believer that Don burtons wreck would have been REALLY bad had it been on slicks. when it came off the wall sideways i think the slicks would have rolled over and dug in. radials with the stiffer sidewalls help it stay up right
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