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  1. That rear mount in the pickup it should move ;)
  2. That's one way to get some traction... All that diesel torque you know lol
  3. oh diesel now you're talking my language !
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  4. Nick, are you going to be at the shop this Saturday? I'd like to meet the taco man himself.
  5. I should be able to stop up for a bit. Its a good excuse to take the Galaxie out for a spin. Who knows... Maybe I'll stop for tacos lol
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  6. I always brake for tacos.
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  7. Feel free to bring them to Yellow Bullet in a few weeks then ;)
  8. Are you finally tuning that bad boy ?
  9. I'll be there, but my wife would not approve of me bringing tacos. :(
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  10. Finally got around to working on the Mustang again...

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  11. 2hours later...

    Almost all buttoned up

  12. Everything is all back together. We went to bump the car over to drop the distributor and the battery was dead. It has been completely disconnected and sitting in the car for less than 3 weeks. It has sat all winter with no charger and still maintained just fine, not to mention it is only a year old. When I say this sucker is dead, like 3 volts dead. We called a friend or ours and he had a 16v battery in his car and we went to go pick it up. Wouldn't you know it fires right up and runs like a top? I'll be ordering a new battery tomorrow. All that is left to install is a new pair of magnaflow mufflers and a battery and we will be back at the track.

    Thanks for the help tonight @93TRANSAM !
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  13. can't wait too see that full pass
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  14. Dang, you guys weren't playing around! Good to see it back together!
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  15. what kinda battery was it nick?
  16. Xs power xp1000. Just picked up a D1600 to replace it with. Pockets aren't deep enough for anything fancier lol
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  17. Haha the d1600 was what was in the turbo car... we got the power cell battery in it now. If you can find a good deal on a "V" battery I'd jump all over it. We have 2 of them we keep as back ups. The one hadn't seen a charger in 4 years and still had more ass in it than the d1600 had right off the charger
  18. At the risk of sounding like an idiot... vag**a battery? Definetly want to keep p away from that v lol
  19. I hate this car... That is all
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