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  1. Exactly! It's hard to tell from the picture but the car was over pretty far on the tire to flatten it out the way it did! There was a point in the one video where you can see it with three wheels off the ground for a second. Lucky that's all I have to say!
  2. Very glad it didnt roll over, speaks to how good a driver was piloting it.
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  3. So more progress being made this weekend. The rest of the tube front end is nearly finished. The fenders are front clip are hung. I need to add two more fender supports and a support for the headlight panel and the body will be done. The suspension is next as I will be installing all new chromoly UPR suspension thanks to the help of @Sharad. I expect the engine back next week so I can get the new motor plate tabs in and the moor set back in place. Following are some pictures of what I did last night. I'll post the pics of the new suspension once I finish it this weekend.
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  4. damn promod cars!
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  5. am i missing them or do you not run limiters?
  6. The limiters will be going in with the new front suspension. And its not a promod, for the record lol
  7. LOL tubed out core support= promod...
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  8. I stopped by the machine shop today and the motor should be buttoned up next week. Waiting on a different set of head gaskets and pushrods.
    IMG_20140110_115204080.jpg IMG_20140110_115213448_HDR.jpg
  9. New UPR suspension ready and waiting! IMG_20140110_171440888.jpg
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  10. Tick tock, NMRA Commerce is only 3 months away. Make sure that MSD box is ready to go. LOL. Looking good man, keep at it.

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  11. looks like great work.what tube bender are you using?
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  12. I'm using JD 2 model 3 bender, works like a champ! That and I just picked upa new miller syncrowave 210.
  13. Come hell or high water I'll be there!
  14. Wow, looking good! Especially the suspension! ;)
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  15. Im liking that front end. Good to see some forward progress!
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  16. A few more bars to catch the nose and the front of the fenders. Suspension going in after dinner.
  17. Very nice! Might have to get you to do a cage next winter
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