Build Thread 84ttop: I Suck At Updating This Thread...

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  1. That could be arranged!
  2. This has probably been asked already, but what do you do for a living?
  3. Nice work!
  4. I'm just your friendly neighborhood plumber, seriously!
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  5. @Sharad, the UPR caster camber plates fit like a glove!
  6. Soooooooooo jealous! I need these! I put the regular UPR billet CC-plates on mine before I installed the shorter UPR a-arms a year or two later. Now my billet CC-plates are so far in (to make up for the shorter arms) that they actually overhang the strut towers a lot (enough to hit my blower intake tube in front of the throttle body) I know these plates fix the problem, but I'd have to take the car to get them welded in. Money money money. It never ends.

    Anyway, yours look great!
  7. Next time you come up to NJ, just bring the car for some NJ Street Outlaw action and I'll hook you up!
  8. Whose freaking houses do you plumb? Millionaires?
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  9. Lmao! Its called side work, and lots of it!
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  10. ^ how do you think i funded my car build? Hvac installs all day long ... easy money
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  11. Haha mines from detailing cars... think I need to learn how to do plumbing
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  12. I need a side job....
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  13. It helps that I'm a Licensed Master Plumber. I do have some car that need detailing, ie my 91 GT and my Pick up..... just saying..
    What happened to shamelessly plugging product at the bottom of all of your posts?
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  14. wanna buy some mustard?
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  15. 24-65-f-american397.jpg ???

  16. if you werent so damn far away i wouldnt have a problem coming to do them.
    FWIW bob is also a plumber. really think i need to get into plumbing
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  17. Stangnet discount on the Mustard? I'll support your racing habit....
  18. Nice work 84T! I'm surprised when making over 1,200 rwhp that the front end wasn't reinforced a while ago.

    To others about making $$. For most people, you got to put in the time to learn a valued skill and then be willing to work hard and work a lot to make more $$. For me I make an OK living but that mostly goes to my 401k, mortgage, wife, my 5 y/o son and twin 5 mo/old daughters. Some OT and wise money management (living within my means and i don't like credit cards) gets me my pink slips to toys like my 05' yz250, 87 t-top and 88 notch. Doing my own wrenching, body work and paint saves me lots of dough so I can invest in mods and restoration.

    @84t, did you already have a tubular K member before you got the UPR suspension components? Did it get damaged? I'm asking because i'm looking to get one used on the cheap that will work with oem arms.
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