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  1. I'm just happy to finally hijack my own thread, lmao...
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  2. The front end is one of those areas that some people do right of the bat and others wait on. I just happened to wait on doing the front end on mine. As far as all of the money stuff goes, I'm a divorced father to an almost 4 year old girl. I work hard and spend a ton of time with her. All of my other time is spent doing things around my home or out in the garage. A friend of mine said something to me a few years ago that I simply live by anymore " Stay in your financial lane " and that is just what I do. I have no debt other than my mortgage and spend my expendable cash on cars, it's just my passion like I believe so many others here share the same feeling in varying degrees. Also like you said I do everything myself. I fabricated all of my own chassis, wired and installed every last piece on the car since it was a 4 banger. The only work I don't do for the car is the engine machine work and painting (other than a rattle can lmao) that's it. I have saved tens of thousands of dollars in this build by doing this all myself.

    As far as the K member goes, I had a QA1 k member in the car, there is nothing wrong with it and it's perfectly straight we just bent up one control arm from the accident. I decided to switch to the UPR front suspension for a few reasons, 1 it's all chromoly, 2 it eliminates the motor mounts for the motor/mid plates I'm putting in, 3 I switched to a shorter A arm setup and 4 went to welded in caster/camber plates to pull the caster all the way back in an effort to keep this car headed straight at speeds of 180+ to the 1/4 mile stripe. If you're interested in the K member pm me, I'll give you a "bro" deal on it.
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  3. But of course!!! Discount code WELCOME20 will get you 20% off all my goodies, feel free to pass it along too!
  4. Ordered, and glad to support your racing habit!!
  5. Now that's how we roll on Stangnet!!
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  6. mmmmm you sell BBQ sauce... wonder what im smoking up next???
  7. He sells it and I ordered it. Not only will I update the car progress but my BBQ status as well.
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  8. hmmmmm, looks like we should all meet up at Nick's place...
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  9. Lets start with my made from scratch Honey BBQ Chicken Tenders...

    And for the Big Finish, Smoked Chicken wings. These can be found at my trailer at every race we attend. The smoker goes in the trailer before the car...
  10. Now I have really hijacked my own thread lmao
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  11. Forget the K member, how much you selling that chicken for? :ot:
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  12. I just ate lunch and am now hungry again. :dammit:
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  13. welp i see whos we need to pit next to now!...i think for the next multi day race im going to make a brisket
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  14. hells yeah!
  15. a man after my own heart. I've git my custom smoker sitting in the back yard. I used to have a whole trailer for competition cooking but I was single and stupid and got burnt out from doing it by myself. now I limit my meat smoking to 6 racks of ribs, 2 turkeys, 16 turkey legs, 6 whole chickens, 4 hams, 4 briskets or 8 pounds of beef jerky.
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  16. Lightweight
  17. :couch:Stangnet BBQ Cook off 2014?
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  18. You guys are better with meat than me :oops:
  19. Bring the BBQ sauce silly!!