Build Thread 84ttop: I Suck At Updating This Thread...

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  1. That's what she saido_O
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  2. It would be fun to hook up! I'm rarely ever that far north. It sounds like I might be at NMRA MIR this year, it would be to work the show though, probably not with my hooptie.
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  3. Think we plan running that race
  4. I'm always at that one on the vendors midway. I'll bring the BBQ ;)
  5. Back on topic, here are the new suspension limiters
  6. Dont tell me you made them too?
  7. The limiters are from Double As performance. Wish I was the brainchild behind the design though.
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  8. Sure looks like something you could fab up
  9. Out with the old and in with the new! The front suspension is now finished on the car. We did a side by side comparison from the QA1 parts that were in the car previously to the UPR parts that are in the car now. Not only do the UPR parts look sharp in the silver powder coat but the quality is far improved from the old k member that was in the car. For starters it's all chromoly, secondly the welds are beautiful and it fits like a glove. The a arms are fully adjustable and use nice heim joints and good ball joints. Everything went as expected and UPR suspension looks killer on the front of the car!

    This is the old QA1 stuff..
  10. Side by side comparison from QA1 to UPR. The UPR parts are very well built in comparison.
  11. UPR K member and A arms installed!! @Sharad
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  12. We removed the front clip to finish painting all the front bars and began the body work process before the car goes to get it's new vinyl wrap.

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  13. looks like your making good progress man!
  14. Thanks! It was a late night last night, lol. I'm trying to have everything ready to just drop the engine back into it next week!
  15. Purty, I've got the same setup
  16. And here is the fancy new billet piece for the front of my motor!!!
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  17. You shooting for a 7.99 timeslip are ya?