Build Thread 84ttop: I Suck At Updating This Thread...

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  1. Something like that ;)
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  2. Way bad***! Looks great!
  3. Wow. Nick is not playin' around. Not even a little! #UPRTTFMFs!!!
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  4. Got the engine back this weekend and getting to work!!!
    IMG_20140126_132029262.jpg IMG_20140126_172609102.jpg IMG_20140126_213432857.jpg
  5. Blower and Gear drive all mocked up!
    IMG_20140126_223539502.jpg IMG_20140126_223621547.jpg
  6. Friggin awesome.
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  7. looking good, how much hp is that gear drive worth? What heads did you end up using
  8. The gear drive should be worth at least 50 hp. Still have parasitic loss from turning the compressor either way but eliminating the belt should help quite a bit. We figure the blower in general at 65k rpm consumes about 150 hp. The heads on this motor are the TFS R 225 CnC'd version with quite a bit of work done to them at this point. All of the intake runners are moved over and have been welded to allow for 3/8 .120 wall pushrods not to mention Inconel exhaust valves. These heads flow really well for what they are. I'm really hoping to make 1400 rwhp + with this combo.
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  9. That things gonna be insane!
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  10. It def is going to rip!! Very cool:nice:
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  11. You building this car to take a roadtrip to Oklahoma City to take on the big guys from Street Outlaws?
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  12. I actually met some of those guys when we were out at PRI a few months ago and they were really a good bunch of down to earth guys. I sure would love to get a chance to take a shot at some of them though!!
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  13. You know the rules.... Farm Truck look out
  14. I think you'd have a fair shot. "3000 hp" is a lot to get hooked on asphalt, much less concrete.
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  15. I don't believe half of what they say on that show. But, it's good entertainment so I don't care. I think your car would "wax their ass" all day though
  16. agreed, it's all bs, but i still watch. bwtter tha american idol or ame glee chit
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  17. Come out of the closet Mad! We know you love that chit!:rock:
  18. :dislike:
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  19. Pictures!! Who doesn't' like more pictures... IMG_20140128_175331283.jpg IMG_20140129_154659633.jpg
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