85-86 Bumper Cover On 93 Lx!?

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  1. I'm considering a new project and wanted to see who has already done it. I'm looking to get a '93 LX and putting the 85-86 style front bumper cover on it. I know I will need a new hood as well but is there anything else I will need? Will everything line up?!
  2. Top of my head, grab the wiring harness for the 85 to splice in for the headlights and turn signals. fender extensions are different for one thing. Think the moldings are different. Also as you mentioned the hood.
  3. You will need a host of parts:

    I will list a few things now and I have to ru out to diner. I will list more later. LMK if you just change your mind before I list the rest - There is a lot to go into it...

    1) Entire front clip:

    Wire harness to convert lights to 4 eyes

    Fenders 79-90
    Fender Extensions
    Fender well splashes - 79-90
    Front Bumper Cover - if fog light wanted then 85 - 86 GT only plus fog bracket and hardware
    Front Bumper Header Panel ? 79 - 86 No longer sold (junk yard or hunt it down)
    Front Bumper Reinforcement - 79 -86
    Bumper Shock/crash absorbers x2 ea. front and rear are the same on 79 - 86 cars *confirm, 93 rear will probably work for 86 conversion
    All belt molding 85 -86 only if you want GT fog lights, otherwise I believe 4 cyl stuff works
    Rear Bumper Cover to match

    I think of stuff later

    Dwayne. BTW, I have an 86GT that I just converted back from 93 front....:bang: