86-92 5.0 H.O swap

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  1. Well im gathering parts for my winter project.....I know im going to need a new distributer gear,water pump (cause i want to keep the original II pulleys...Do i just need a stock 86-92 waterpump or some other one?), and a 50 oz flexpate....also do i need a new harmonic balancer to??? If so which one?? As for the flexplate is this the right one from b&m....... 50239 '82-'95 C4 - 302 with 157 tooth ring gear, 10.5" b.c. 50in. oz balance weight (special app.) ? Well thanxs for all the help
    78 Mustang 2+2 302 c4
  2. you'll need the 50oz flexplate and the matching harmonic balancer...the original '86-92 harmonic balancer will work.
    You need a '75-'78 Mustang II waterpump to use your Mustang II pulleys. The '86-'92 had a serpentine belt and the waterpump spun the wrong direction.
  3. what he said

    you'll also need a new timing cover in case the one you're getting doesn't have the fuel pump recess (unless you're planning on elec. fuel pump).
  4. Well im picking up the motor on saturday and i just have a few questions. First, Is there a special 50oz flexplate that i have to use??? Cause the guy im buying the motor from says he has a practicly new one that he will give me for a cheap price. But i just wanna make sure its going to fit before I buy it...Is there anyway i can tell if its the right one???
    Also he has a stall converter (3200) for a c4 Do i need a special size cause of our small bellhousing or will any stall converter for a c4 work??? If there is a special size how can i tell if it will work or not? WEll i think thats all the ? i have for now......but im sure ill have more later! :banana:
    Thanks everyone
  5. Not just the timing cover, you'll also need the eccentric cam that drives the pump.
  6. oh yeah. it's a PITA to find the freaking eccentric. I wound up having to get one off of a junked motor. Ford wanted 120 bux for a 2 piece eccentric.

    Another thing you'll need is a supercharger......it really helps to get rid of any drivability concerns :)

    You'll need a special mustang II flywheel/flexplate. I don't remember the diameter/teeth on it, but one out of a fox won't work. If the motor is balanced for 50 oz, you'll need to get the flywheel/flexplate in 50 oz. also.....otherwise it would rattle your teeth.

  7. As for the Eccentric, can i jsut use the one from my original 302 in the mustang??? Also can anyone answer my question about the Stall converter and flexplate? How can i tell if it is the right one that will fit in our smallbell housing???

    Thanks for all the help,
  8. you can just reuse your eccentric.

    I just called artcarr and told them what kind of car I had and within a week or so, I had a new flywheel sitting on the front porch. You could probably measure the diameter from outside of teeth, and # of teeth. They should be able to set you up no problem.
  9. Mustang II C4 requires a 9 3/8" bolt pattern converter. A stock II convertor is much smaller then a normal C4 (10" stock!) TCI is hip to the II

    Hope this helps some :shrug:
  10. Alrighty.

    Bumping this thread, but the discussion on the "Whoops" thread has drifted into this topic.

    I'm trying this, with an '86 5.0L H.O. into a '78 V8 II.

    Has anyone tried this with the full-on serpentine belt rig, no A/C? Does it fit? My math shows that it won't clear the radiator.

    Also, where do you go to get a 28-oz. flexplate converted to a 50-oz.? Seriously. I wouldn't even know where to find that in the yellow pages. Artcarr wants $120 for one.
  11. My machinist did it for 75 bucks
  12. Looks like that's the most expensive part if I don't go the serpentine route.

    I'll probably go with the OEM 302 waterpump, alternator, and PS pump; less hassle, and time is a factor. We only get about 8 weeks of summer around here; we might get 6 this year. I'd hate to spend 4 of them rounding up parts and beating my head against the wall.

    Thanks, Cobra. Not only for your answers from the previous thread, but thanks for posting again here. I know I won't be the last idiot to try this swap; it'd be nice to have all the info in one thread.
  13. Now ask me about my 351W swap!
  14. That's another thread. ;)
  15. Hey, here's one:

    I'll obviously be swapping out the 5.0 HO oil pan with the MII oil pan. Now's the time for cheap insurance; namely, a new oil pump.

    Does the MII use a stock oil pump or is there a specific one? The books say 1962-2002 SBF, one size fits all, but we II owners know how THAT goes. . ..
  16. What about swapping the trans with the engine?
    Could an 5.0 with an AOD tranny fit in the transmission tunnel?
    You would need a different crossmember and driveshaft, but would it fit?
    Then you would not need to rebalance the flywheel either.
    I was thinking about an entire transplant on mine down the road but have not researched it too much yet.
  17. If i remember correctly,one of our old threads adressed that AOD issue, I think the AOD is longer than the stock C4, so driveshaft shortening is in order. The AOD is probably wider at the bellhousing too.
  18. I tried this with a 351W and headers to boot. (Always have to do it the HARDEST way)

    Headers for the most part are not gonna fit unless you get a fenderwell style. The AOD fits, but tight.... very tight. It's really not much longer than the C4, really it's about 2" IIRC. A matter of moving the trans mount crossmember behind where it bolts to on the chassis. The AOD is about twice the width as a C4 at the tranny pan. really tight here for exhaust. But it fits. With manifolds you should be a-ok on a 302/Aod swap. The bellhousing is quite a bit bigger than the II and slightly bigger than the std. C4. It's actually just about the size of the HD C4 (dipstick to pan, not case) and uses the same flexplate with the 11.4 bolt circle. Finding a properly balance flexplate for the earlier 302 over the counder isn't a problem. I know there's at least a couple of SN members with IIs that have done the AOD swap.
  19. Dano, do you mean the headers won't fit with the 5.0, or with the AOD?
  20. The MII uses a stock oil pump with a MII-specific pickup tube to fit the oil pan. Be sure to use the MII front timing cover if you swap oil pans. The 5.0 has the dipstick going into the oil pan on the driver's side and if you swap pans you'll need to have the dipstick on the front of the engine.