Drivetrain 86 Differential Into 94gt

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by dubbsix, Feb 12, 2014.

  1. I have a 86 8.8 read end that I have built and now want to put under my newly bought 94 gt. Will the 86 differential work with the 94 ?

  2. Short answer....yes

    However, what brakes are on the axle? If drum brakes, that may require some additional work
  3. The differential chunk is the same. It should be remeasured and re shimmed in a new housing.

  4. yeah it will fit .. personally Id just swap the 94 axles and brakes over to the 86 diff and housing, if the 86 hasn't been converted to 5 lug disk already. JFYI the housings are identical its just the axles are shorter in the fox housings
  5. 95opal thanks. I plan on doing just that. Pull out the axles and slap them into the housing.
  6. if I can squeeze 400hp out of my setup will the 28 spline axles hold up?
  7. Maybe...
    but if you have it out, swap em.
    I had over 500 hp for 15 seconds and they held up fine LOL
    Swap your axles and such for the rear end and it'll work. Go with the 5 lug and upgraded brakes.
  8. The problem is that I just rebuilt a 28 spline carrier for the 8.8 and would have to start all over and buy a 31 spline setup. This is not a track car so I won't be launching hard on slicks.
  9. I've had 28 splines in my car since 1999. I probably have about 50 passes on it with slicks. Most of them were on motor with about 400hp. Everything is going to break eventually, but if you are not going to run slicks you are definitely going to be fine with 28 splines.

  10. Thanks rev.