Suspension 86 Fox 5 Lug Disc Brake Conversion


May 9, 2019
I’m looking into buying the 5 lug disc conversion kit from LMR and 17x9 SVE Anniversary wheels for all four corners.
I do not want to use any steering limiters so I’m trying to find out what’s the widest wheel and tire I can get on the car without rubbing.
It already has an 88 front end under it that my dad did back in the 90s so it’s not stock at all.
I also ultimately plan to swap a coyote into it at some point in the future as well so it’s going to be a handful which makes me want the absolute most rubber and stopping power I could get.
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Mar 2, 2015
That kit is front rotors only. They have fitment issues with some wheels because of the center hub. Get 94 - 95 spindles.


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Feb 18, 2001
That kit is simply the Lincoln mark 7 rotors with the fox style hub, which may have center cap issues and require a spacer.

unfortunately there is no one size fits all answer to this question as wheels specs play a huge roll and they are all over the place.

also, the 86 front end is a little narrower due to a slightly narrower k member than the 88-later cars. So hard to compare setups as many people who will offer their setups do have aero cars.

Guys have gotten 17x9s with 275s up front. I personally have gotten a 245/40/17 on the front of mine, but I’ll likely try a 255/40/17 next.