Progress Thread 86 gt progress....finally!

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  1. So i finally made some progress on my 86. It took a new fuel tank,190 lph pump,fuel sending unit, 1 new pressure line, new vapor line, and a little bit of gas and it runs! Now comes the fun part. Taking that old junkyard motor out and putting a real, built 306 where it belongs.
  2. Pics or it didn't happen!
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  3. the car is at my dads shop 25 mins away or I would have some pics. Ill post more progress in this thread so Ill get some pics of the new tank next time i go to the shop..
  4. :worthlesb
    lol, couldn't help myself.
  5. yeah i guess i asked for that...
  6. Got some more work done in the last couple weeks when I've had a chance. The old junkyard motor and the transmission is out. I pressure washed the trans today and got it disconnected from the old motor so it will be ready to go back in. Replaced the throwout bearing and installed a new pilot bearing along with a SPEC clutch kit.
  7. For some reason I can only post one pic per reply ...

  8. 2013-04-19_12-36-53_993_zpsb6045925.jpg Pay no attention to the horrible mess of wires on the driver side fender. Previous owner made that mess. Now I have to straighten it out.
  9. Details on engine?
  10. Stock block .030 over, Mahle Pistons, I beams, Iron Crank, X cam(i know), Windsor SR heads cut to 57cc, 1.6 roller rockers, Cobra intake, 24lb injectors, 70mm throttle body, 77mm maf
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