1. I just bought an 86....but i wanna know how easy it would be to go four eye to two eye, would a 87 body kit bolt up, or do i have to drill. either way is fine....or would it simply not fit. And any suggestions for a 3.8 to 5.0 conversion kit....ecm, and harness.

    Help appriciated,
    Mason Frazier, Tx
  2. :nonono: get ready to be flammed

    this has been beat like a dead horse :dead:
  3. Yeah you might want to reconsider the swap, there are people who kill people over this, hope you have a lot of ammo!
  4. lol well i see that as i read farther, but i just joined the forum so i dont care....still want the other front end, possible?
  5. umm if you wanted a areo nose car you should have bought one, other wise go over to foureyedpride.com they will be very helpful with the swap :lol:
  6. couldnt pass up a perfect body interior, and convertable top for $250 just needs motor

  7. Where are ya.. i have a 91 aero nose that i would swap for a very good shape 86 ... minus the drivetrain and wiring harness of course (went to carb)
  8. Oh, you are BAAAAAAAAAAAD. LOL

    foureye > aero x 794586738569384654653984539563500.7

    Yes, I'm a hypocritical owner of an aero nosed Capri.
  9. It should be a direct fit, or atleast be pretty basic.
  10. Yeah, it is a direct fit but it's an abomination too. LOL
  11. well its a convertable, is urs? Im in Texas and sounds like a good trade to me it wuz a 3.8 and the motors ***t but the top is fairly new and body looks good.
  12. dont do that to a four eye. it was the last year of the four stang.plus im parcel to the 86 we have one. if you do the four eye gang will haunt you in your dreams :p
  13. lol well when i finish the swap and paint it u'll think diffrent....or maybe not, but the four eye doesnt look mean enuff to me....plus its mostly for the body kit i want, i didnt find one i liked for an 86
  14. WHAT??????????????????? LMFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFAO you haven't seen the right four eyes...
  15. :jaw:






    just paint makes a huge difference, i thought ours was rather ugly till the primer and the first coat of paint went on, :)

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  16. ahh, i didnt read that it was a vert. im partial to hard tops.. sorry about that.
  17. ya love the color....thats the best example of a four eye i've seen....but i still dont know....and advice on interior resto on one of these? mines not bad....but not new either....it wuz a 3.8 so its got s****y gauges.
  18. go autometer with gauges. PM 795.0pacecar and ask for some pics of his gauge cluster. its purddy :)
  19. will do....thanx... i may consider leaving the four eye. Still dont know. Is there a kit for the 3.8 -5.0 conv....and where can i get a wireing harness and ecm?
  20. Where in Texas are you? Close to Beaumont?