1. Thanks my fellow ms paint connosiueger(sp? WTF??)

    I had to work alot with the squiggly line feature with a double handed back stroke mixed with a bit of the ol (CTRL+C)+(CTRL+V)=new background formula... tough work but completely worth it IMO
  2. [​IMG]





    foureyes ftw!!!
  3. i kinda think my car looks like a merkur in that pic :shrug:
  4. nice...i think i'll go with the lights on top....lol
  5. man i love 4 eyes, **** make it a sleeper. Keep all the looks as of now and put a 347 stroker in it!

  6. now there's an idea!
  7. Hissings brothers car is exactly what im doing with my 84t-top project except im going with sonicpear blue paint and deep dish bullet rims.
  8. I'll put in my car designer 2 cents.

    I won't bash - or try not too. First off, I like both the aero nose and the 4-eye nose but am hugely partial to the 4 eye nose ESPECIALLY on a notch (like mine).
    My design opinion - The 85-86 nose is by far one of the cleanest and most agressively styled Mustang front ends ever penned. My new favorite front nose design is now the '07 Shelby GT500 but that's for another discussion.
    If you really stare at it and just really look at how "chunk" and muscular it looks you can really appreciate the "look". The the LX Aero nose fronts are clean and OK, but like somebody mentioned, it has no chin and it looks like it's kinda smmiling at you in a nervous way. Now a Saleen or Cobra nose looks good.
    As an owner of an 85 and having been in high school when the 85 and 86s were new that's what I've always wanted. Even the LXs have just as much attitude as the GTs only they're sneakier!

    It is YOUR car and do what you want but makin' a car something it's not like in this particular case just isn't the way to do it in my opinion. Working with what you have and improving on that - you'll get more respect than just bolting on the areo nose. Take a look at the gray hatchback pic posted a page or 2 back (speeding down the road) - all he did was add a nice splitter - changed the whole look and attitude to the car. It looks faster meaner and gives it a competition look all by adding a simple aluminum splitter.
    Another thing I try to tell people - wheels and stance are 50% of the "look" of your ride. Even a freakin' Pinto could look good lowered 2" with a set of 17" HRE wheels and Nitto tires! Well maybe but you see my point(also I wouldn't put a set of HREs on a PINTO! LOL!)

    I attached a pic of My 85 Notch. It's getting a full coilover setup with Bilstiens and a set of 18x9s rear and 18x8 front custom made wheels. 4-eye Notchbacks look Nasty in My opinion (but I may be a little biased) I had a 92 5.0 Notch about 4 months ago but I sold it, love my 85 a lot more.

    Here's something my automotive design instructor said to a student in class I'll never forget. The student thought their desing looked great but the fact of the matter is it wasn't and it had nothing to do with opinion and they didn't want constructive crititcism so this is what he said...
    "A piece of S--T painted purple with yellow polkadots is different but it's still a piece of s--t!" And he said it calmly, and with a smile on his face!

    So something can be different but it doesn't make it better or better looking in all cases. Take the time to think about the modifications and if it's money well spent or could it be spent better on something else?

    Sorry for the soap box but I needed to get it off my chest. I actually pulled into MPS about 2 months ago and a guy had this bodykit on his 89 Mustang and it is just absolutely horrific looking. Besides, I beleive it's fiberglass and the fit and finish was not good - uneven gaps and you'd have to do a lot of prep work and sanding to get the panels smooth for fiberglass.

    Some suggestions:

    1 - put an aluminum front splitter on the front - custom shape it to your liking.

    2 - Get a Mach 1 front chin spoiler and custom cut to fit. 5.0 Rest did this on an 84 anniversary GT350 ca and it looked great.

    3 - Maier Rcaing makes some fiberglass body parts for 4-eye cars. http://www.maierracing.com/

    Good luck,
  9. Since it's your first and you don't know much about Stangs. I'll keep my comments to myself. LOL Can't wait to see your finished product. :D

    four eye hater you suck... :mad:

    What? My fingers slipped...:shrug:
  10. So the 4 eyeds look ricey, Not to stir the pot anymore but not once has anyone mentioned that my car looked ricey.
    The cold hard truth is that the 87-93 are a dime a dzen at this point. You can find them anywhere the foureyes are getting hard to find in decent shape. It will be quite a while before the 87+ appreciate in value enough to make it worth your wild to do the swap. If you are building this to resell it would be much better for you to focus on the motor not the front end. While the body kit you proposed may seem to look nice to you you just found out how few people actually like it. This is just a small cross section of the car buying population however THESE ARE THE PEOPLE WHO BUY FOX BODY STANGS! the last thing you want to do is spent 500+ for the front end and another 500+ on a body kit if the people who buy these cars don't like that I am all for the preservation of the 4 eyes but more so than that I thing it would be a shame to throw away a grand plus on a conversion NO ONE would want to buy if you are trying to turn a buck


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  11. The purple **** in your engine bay is kinda ricey ^^
  12. Just get one of each.

    Do I have to think of everything?? Sheesh.

  13. you could go for the no bumper look :D


    that to this


    your car can look just as good if not better then that. just buy an 86 gt nose or an 85 gt nose.

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  14. Waiting for someone to point that out. And yes it was ricey but seemed to have lost its riceyness when it went into the trash. For some reason every car I buy lately has the same friggin loom in it. that one was purple the 79 COBRA (yes another 4 eye) had blue Someone should put a stop to the manufacture of that stuff

  15. The passenger side bright is burnt out.

    I read some where in this giant thread that someone hates the four eyed interior. I think it is much more agressive than the 87+ style and is more of a throw back to the muscle car era, while the 87+ interior kind of looks like a late 80s mazda B2200 interior. Also if you dont like the interior you just have to get alittle creative like I did.
    Heres my interior:

    And for the sake of whoring pictures, heres a couple pics. BTW whoever asked about the air dam on that car earlier, its a Xenon airdam, I know because I have one and I hate it, its not the saleen air dam. I have a stock one, but I think I'd be better off waiting untill I repaint my car before I put it on.

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  16. your car a good stance.

    yeah all the headlights were replaced. thats a pic right after i pulled it out after getting put back togther.

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  17. I’m sorry to say, I’d disagree with your opinion on the pre 87 stangs stance... they are indeed aggressive as made evident by the numerous pictures posted before..
    As an 83 GT T-top Hatch owner and an 85 GT T-Top Hatch owner.. I might be biased.. But I also have owned an 89 LX notch, 99 V6, 00 GT, and a 99 Cobra... so you could say I’m a connoisseur of mustangs...If your so intent on having an aero nose mustang with a rather gaudy body kit why not repair the 86 keeping it all as stock as possible and sell it to someone on one of the various mustang forums who would prefer to keep it stock.. it would bring you more $ as people are drawn to stock Mustangs, more than they are to highly modified.. And with the profits purchase an 87+ mustang for your personal enjoyment/resale.. Rather than make a conversion out of a car that’s slowly becoming extinct?